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New Android Apps Worth Downloading: Glympse update, Beat Bang, EpicHearts Plus

by Phil Hornshaw

The first of today’s handy new apps may well make meeting up with your friends a little easier to manage. Glympse lets you send your location or your destination to specific people, whether through Facebook, SMS or Twitter. Bang Beat is a music discovery app designed specifically for those who love electronica music, and EpicHearts is an action-heavy Japanese-style role-playing game with a huge amount of content to play through.

Glympse update (Free)

What’s it about? Sharing your location on social networking sites can open that information up to people with whom you might not want to share it, so Glympse makes the process a little more secure. Instead, you can use SMS or various social networking feeds to share your location with only specific people, making it easy for them to plot directions and find you, but without compromising your privacy.

What’s cool? Glympse is a nifty way to help you coordinate with friends when you’re headed out and trying to meet up. You can send a link with your location or your estimated time of arrival at another place, allowing for better planning and coordination in your outings. It’s handy to have with you and makes location sharing easy across a number of platforms.

Who’s it for? Friends looking to meet up. The focused nature of the app means it’s primarily for you and the people you trust, not the public at large.

What’s it like? There are lots of social check-in apps that allow you to do similar things, like Facebook’sPlaces feature and foursquare. Those apps allow you to adjust who sees your location and check-ins through their privacy features.

Beat Bang (Free)

What’s it about? Music discovery is Beat Bang’s bag, specifically as it relates to electronica music. The app is basically a platform for finding new bands and tracks that you can then check out. The discovery portion is meant to be organic – you’ll start by identifying how many beats-per-minute the song you want to hear will be, and that gives you a web of other things to check out, like artists and albums. Tap them to open up new possibilities.

What’s cool? There’s a lot of content to sift through, and it’s arranged specifically to help you find new music organically. You don’t get to search for artists you like, but instead start by choosing the speed of the song. Then you can find a song at that speed, check it out, listen to similar tracks, artists and albums, and continually find new music as you branch out from there, moving through the music selections as if across a giant web.

Who’s it for? Electronica fans, definitely – and not so much for people who are fans of other sorts of music. Make sure you switch to the English version in the setup menu.

What’s it like? Beat Bang feels a bit like the sort of music discovery you get from apps such as Pandora, but with the electronica heart of Romplr: Remix. You can also find other great dance music from apps such as Ministry of Sound.

EpicHearts Plus ($1.99)

What’s it about? A Japanese role-playing title with a 16-bit art style, EpicHearts is heavy on the action focus. Players smash through tons of enemies as they use magic and swordplay to complete tons of quests. EpicHearts includes three different characters to choose from – a paladin, a swordsman and a gunslinger – and each character has a different path through the world.

What’s cool? Old-school charm and a whole lot to do are what will keep playing characters coming back to EpicHearts. You’ll be staring down around 200 quests as you travel through the game’s eight different worlds, and as you do, you’ll level up your character to become more powerful and unlock new abilities.

Who’s it for? Role-playing game fans and especially who like the Japanese take on the genre. EpicHearts will feel like some of the RPGs of the past, like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System title Secret of Mana, so if you like old games such as those, you’ll like this.

What’s it like? There are lots of JRPGs, as they’re known, in the mobile sphere, many of them ports from old consoles. Symphony of Eternity is a good start, and more modern titles such as Chaos Rings will bring a similar experience.

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