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New Android apps worth downloading: HISTORY Here & PerfMon

by Marty Gabel

Here are a couple of Android apps to enjoy. HISTORY Here keeps an eye on the world around you (or you can specify a place) and lets you know if there are any historical places worth investigating. PerfMon offers an unobtrusive way to keep track of your Android’s CPU or network performance as it ‘floats’ on top of whatever else you’re currently running.

HISTORY Here (Free)

What’s it about? HISTORY Here lets you discover thousands of historical places of interest close by or at a location you’ll be visiting in the future.

What’s cool? This app was released on iOS just a few months ago and Appolicious Advisor, Dan Kricke, enjoyed what it had to offer. It’s brought to you by the folks at the History Channel and provides an easy-to-use  interface, cool photos, video and dynamic maps which help bring history to life. The app developers recommend offering them feedback so they can add even more points of interest in the future.

Who is it for? People into history, whether it be architecture, museums, battlefields, monuments, famous homes and more, will definitely appreciate HISTORY Here. It’s great for students or simply if you find yourself in a new city at a loose end – it’s certainly more convenient than a guidebook.

What’s it like? We featured an app just the other week called Field Trip, but that showcases the more bizarre and quirky places nearby. Still, paired together, both these apps make a formidable arsenal of discovery. The augmented reality app Historypin is also worth a look.

PerfMon - Performance Monitor ($2.49)

What’s it about? PerfMon is a "floating" performance monitor which sits above any other app you’re running and displays metrics about the performance of your device.

What’s cool? The app measure the foreground app, CPU, disc I/O and network I/O. A clever feature is its ability to display “CPU capacity usage” which takes into account the multi-core capabilities of many modern devices to make the read-out of CPU usage more logical.

Who is it for? PerfMon is an app that’s certainly a little more niche, but will likely appeal to developers and power-users who love to tweak or debug their Android system. The “floating” element means you can still keep working while the app does its stuff and you don’t have to keep switching.

What’s it like? Network Monitor Mini offers a similar, unobtrusive view of network performance which is always visible in the top corner of your screen, but it doesn’t offer CPU or disc performance like PerfMon does. CPU Benchmark is also worth a look, as is Quadrant Standard Edition, even if they are a little more intrusive.

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