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New Android apps worth downloading: Zagat, Devil’s Attorney, Future Mayhem

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps with which to end the week. Zagat just released its new, official app which has been rebuilt from the ground up. The company is part of Google these days. Devi’s Attorney is a fun and satirical turn-based strategy game where you play as a self-interested attorney with very few morals and no sense of justice. Finally, we’ve got Future Mayhem, a futuristic arcade-style side-scrolling shoot ‘em up that’s sure to help pass the time this weekend.

Zagat (Free)

What’s it about? The famous and respected food and restaurant guide has a brand new Android app and it looks tasty.

What’s cool? Whereas it once was a pay-for service, since Google took over, Zagat is 100 percent free for everyone. You can browse over 30,000 restaurants worldwide with trusted reviews and ratings. There are many filters so you can narrow down your search and reserve a table via the app. Zagat is optimized for 7- and 10-inch tablets, too.

Who is it for? People who like to dine out will be happy to see the service available for all, and Zagat covers all kinds of tastes. You do need a Google+ ID to use the app, though, which might be a bummer for some users. Interestingly enough, if you purchased the old app by Handmark, Zagat will send you a free $15.95 guide of your choice as compensation.

What’s it like? Savored extends the features of Zagat in some ways, giving you big discounts on tables at nearby restaurants if you can go that night. Other restaurant recommendations (and bookings) are available from apps like OpenTable, or you can try local favorites Yelp and Urbanspoon.

Devil’s Attorney ($3.00)

What’s it about? Devil’s Attorney is an interesting strategy game where you need to make sure all your criminal clients get off scot-free.

What’s cool? Justice isn’t in defence attorney Max McCann’s playbook. He’s high on charm but low on moral fiber. The more clients he frees, the more money he makes to buy furniture and accessories for his apartment, as well as unlocking advanced courtroom skills and boosting his ego along the way.

Who is it for? There’s some strategic thinking required to get the best out of Devil’s Attorney. There are 58 cases to complete, three neighborhoods to explore, and nine devious prosecutors to outwit.

What’s it like? I can’t recall too many courtroom-based games in Google Play, so Devil’s Attorney certainly has that going for it. It’s humorous and entertaining, but it doesn’t play much like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the only other legal-themed game I can think of.

Future Mayhem ($0.99)

What’s it about? Future Mayhem is a side-scrolling old-school shoot ‘em up set in the very distant future.

What’s cool? It’s 2842. Organized crime is in the hands of four gangs who control the large cities from their underground bases. As an enforcer for one of these gangs, your territory is being encroached so you need to take action immediately. Play as either a punk, ninja, cyborg or soldier and run and gun your way past enemies, sentry guns and mines.

Who is it for? The game has a cool sci-fi cartoon art style and should appeal to fans of blast-em ups and shooting games. The enemies are randomized each time you play, there are three difficulty levels and three weapon categories, too. Also, once you pay your $0.99, you get the full game with no in-app purchases necessary.

What’s it like? Future Mayhem resembles a few other titles in Google Play like Frankie Pain or Cartoon Wars: Gunner+.

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