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New Android apps worth downloading:, The Last Defender, Jaws Revenge

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to enjoy. is an app that lets you use and control your Android through the web browser on your PC or Mac. It even lets you use your device as a spycam. We’ve also got two games today: The Last Defender is a first-person shooter full of big weapons and plenty of action across 45 campaigns. Jaws Revenge is a fun shark-based action game where you get to maul swimmers, sunbathers, seagulls, boats and more. Oh my. (Free)

What’s it about? This app allows you to use and control your Android device using a regular web browser.

What’s cool? has a number of handy features. You can use your browser to read and send SMS. If you’ve lost your device, might help you locate it on a map. The spycam feature is an intriguing one: leave your phone somewhere else and watch its camera output from elsewhere. It’s also easier to share images, manage your contacts, and the app works over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

Who is it for? could be handy for folks who work a lot on their phone but don’t like that hit on battery life because of it. Its safety and security features are also a bonus for many users, but at the same time, could be an issue if someone else gets access to your account. Still, the app certainly has a lot of potential.

What’s it like? There are other apps in Google Play which perform similar functions. Airdroid is the first one that comes to mind, an app we’ve featured a few times here at Appolicious. Another alternative is LazyDroid Web Desktop.

The Last Defender (Free)

What’s it about? The Last Defender is a first-person shooter that puts you in the shoes of a modern-day mercenary.

What’s cool? You’re equipped with some powerful weapons and you must defend your company’s “secret.” As far as storyline goes, that’s all you get. Instead, how about 45 campaigns across three highly-detailed battle zones, 29 challenges, eight different kinds of enemies (including tanks, IFV, choppers and airships) and seven weapons used by real military forces.

Who is it for? The graphics aren’t the greatest and there are in-app purchases which enable “enhanced ammo” or other power-ups you can’t get in the free version, but apart from that, it’s full of action-packed, explosive action.

What’s it like? There are plenty of other military-themed first-person and third-person shooter games in Google Play like Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation or Frontline Commando.

Jaws Revenge (Free)

What’s it about? Jaws Revenge lets you be the most feared great white shark of all time and munch on all manner of puny humans.

What’s cool? You’re out for revenge on Amity Island and get to dish out payback to swimmers, sunbathers, seagulls (what did they do?), boats, windsurfers and more. There are four worlds featuring 40 levels and simple, one-touch action that makes the game a breeze to pick up and play.

Who is it for? Fans of the movie will enjoy this one, but even if you’ve never seen it, just getting to play as a shark and eat everything is kind of cathartic. It’s a free game so you need to collect coins to upgrade your shark with bigger teeth and thicker skin. Heck, maybe you’ll even make it to MEGA SHARK status.

What’s it like? There was a previous JAWS game, but you get to kill the sharks and keep Amity Island safe instead – boo! For proper, blood-filled shark feasting action, check out the fun (and numerous) Hungry Shark titles or Shark or Die.

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