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New Android apps worth downloading: Battery Doctor, Foursquare update, Deluxe Cafe

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to enjoy. Battery Doctor is an app that can help you manage the battery life on your device and includes some useful power-saving tips. Check-in app Foursquare got a welcome update which actually re-introduces a function omitted from the previous one. Finally, our game today is Deluxe Cafe which will see you designing the interior of a cafe, decorating it, and filling it with beautiful, tasty desserts.

And don’t forget, Google is celebrating 25 billion app downloads with a selection of top apps available every day for just 25¢ a pop!

Battery Doctor (Free)

What’s it about? Battery Doctor offers a great way to extend the battery life on your Android device for free.

What’s cool? The app works in a number of ways. It can estimate how much juice is left in your current battery and informs you about the different power usage of various apps. That way, you can predict whether it’s smart or not to use a particular service once you reach a specific level. You can turn off settings automatically and the app provides plenty of power-saving tips.

Who is it for? If you find your device is running out of juice too quickly, maybe Battery Doctor can help. Perhaps you’ve tried the plethora of other similar apps and they haven’t worked out for you.

What’s it like? Juice Defender is the big daddy of battery saver apps with a wealth of options to help you reduce battery consumption (and over 7 million downloads to boot). Battery Doctor is different because it works more like an assistant with a number of tools to help you get the best battery life.

Foursquare update (Free)

What’s it about? The latest Foursquare update is significant because it re-introduces a feature it previously removed, namely nearby check-ins from friends.

What’s cool? The uber-popular social check-in app includes some other new features, too, like a  ‘social history’ for venues. That way, you can see which of your friends visited a certain place, how often, and whether they liked it. There’s also a new “me card” design at the top of the ‘Friends’ tab.

Who is it for? We wrote about Foursquare’s UI overhaul back in June, but it’s good to see a company responding to its customers’ complaints and reinstating a feature many people really enjoyed. For those who just love to check-in and earn those badges, the new update will be very welcome.

What’s it like? Foursquare is the granddaddy of social check-in apps, but there are numerous other ways to tell people where you are via services like Facebook, Twitter, Path or sharing your photos through an image-based app like Instagram.

Deluxe Cafe (Free)

What’s it about? Namco Bandai, better known for their Pac-Man games, bring you this delicious offering in which you get to create your very own cafe and all the tasty treats go with it!

What’s cool? You get to create a stylish interior which will influence your cafe’s atmosphere, then you get to decorate the treats themselves. The more you make, the more treats you unlock, and there are new decorations and interiors on the way. This is a social game, so you get to check out your friends’ cafes. What’s more, sometimes little mysterious elves will appear to make your cafe all the more exciting.

Who is it for? Fans of social games like those from Zynga will probably enjoy Deluxe Cafe. Once more, this is a free-to-play title but with plenty of in-app purchase opportunities if you really want to up the style. The more you share, the better rewards you get.

What’s it like? There are a legion of food-service games out there like Hello Kitty Cafe, Restaurant Story and Cafe Fever, and in Cake Now, you get to design and create your very own cakes.

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