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New Android apps worth downloading: Netflix update, Vellamo Mobile Benchmark, Voxel Invaders

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to enjoy. The new Netflix update for Android matches the functionality offered by the iOS version by bringing the smartphone app more in tune with the tablet offering. Vellamo Mobile Benchmark has been around for a while, but got a great new UI design and some new test to try out. Finally, Voxel Invaders is a fun space-based old-school shoot-em-up which brings Space Invaders into the 21st century.

Netflix update (Free)

What’s it about? Just like its iOS counterpart, the Netflix Android app just got an update to mimic some the functionality of the tablet version.

What’s cool? At the top of the browse screen are some new options, like the ability to continue viewing shows or movies that you previously started watching right where you left off. The Instant Queue is now presented on the home screen just below your Top 10 list, and further down there are several personalized rows with movie and TV show recommendations.

Who is it for? The app and its new update works on devices running Android versions 2.2 and above. Subscribers of Netflix should appreciate these new enhancements.

What’s it like? There are a few similar apps to Netflix in Google Play like Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Crackle - Movies & TV and Google’s own Movies & TV service.

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark (Free)

What’s it about? With a fresh, new redesign, Vellamo Mobile Benchmark from Qualcomm is a great way to test the performance of your Android device and compare it to others.

What’s cool? As well as a brand new user interface, Vellamo will now benchmark HTML5 video, DOM performance, web page load/reload, and WebGL. It supports both ARM and x86 processors and evaluates scrolling and zooming, 3-D graphics, video performance, memory read/write and peak bandwidth performance.

Who is it for? People who like to tweak their devices for the most speed possible, especially if rooted, will definitely dig Vellamo Mobile Benchmark. But it can be valuable for anyone who just wants an idea of where their device excels or perhaps falls short.

What’s it like? There are a few other benchmarking apps available like AnTuTu Benchmark, Quadrant Standard Edition, CPU Benchmark and numerous others. So even though Vellamo is one of the prettiest, there are others to try if it doesn’t work out for you.

Voxel Invaders ($2.49)

What’s it about? Here’s a fun new take on the old classic Space Invaders but with some cool graphics and neat 3-D effects.

What’s cool? The game faithfully recreates the old-school action you’re used to, but its fresh 3-D look enables you to move your ship in four directions to dodge enemies while you blast them. There are 24 levels containing more than 140 stages so there’s certainly plenty of bang for your two-and-a-half bucks.

Who is it for? Voxel Invaders will certainly appeal to fans of the original Space Invaders, but even if you never played that, it’s still a fun blaster with lots to enjoy. There are nine different weapons, three difficulty levels and simple one-touch controls, and the vintage sound effects are fun.

What’s it like? Check out Space Invaders Infinity Gene for a really great take on the original or else look to Radiant or even Velocispider which we featured just yesterday!

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