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New Android apps worth downloading: Roku update, Velocispider, Subway Surfers

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to start the week off right. The latest Roku app update lets you stream music and photographs from your Android device directly to your TV, which is a really nice addition. We’ve got two great games today: Velocispider is a fun, retro-style arcade shooter in which you get to play as a monster which is part-dinosaur, part spider. Subway Surfers is an endless running game set in a train yard with easy swipe controls and colorful cartoon-style graphics.

Roku update (Free)

What’s it about? The latest update to this app lets you stream music or photos from your Android device to your TV via your Roku box – sweet!

What’s cool? In addition to its capabilities as a remote control (which is far easier to use than the tiny one supplied with the Roku), this new update adds a whole new dimension. Now you can stream music direct to your TV or show off photos from your smartphone on the big screen. In addition, this update includes the ability to add channels via voice, improves device discovery, and fixes a few bugs.

Who is it for? If you’re a Roku user, this app is a handy way to make using the device more straightforward (having a touchscreen keyboard is a real bonus, for example). The streaming photos/music capability works on Roku 2 and above so if you’re still using one of the original boxes (like yours truly), you’re out of luck. Still, the other updates are cool!

What’s it like? There are a few other third-party Roku remote apps out there, so they could be worth trying if the official one doesn’t work out for you.

Velocispider ($0.99)

What’s it about? Ever wanted to play as a part-spider, part-dinosaur hybrid? Now you can with this retro-style arcade shooter.

What’s cool? Your endangered eggs have attracted the taste buds of the evil CEO of the Robot Seafood Corporation who will stop at nothing to feast on them. You must defend your eggs from his relentless army of aquatic robot beasts through 20 levels of retro arcade-style action. This one’s been out for a while on iOS, so we’re glad to see it ported to Android.

Who is it for? Fans of old-school arcade shoot-em-ups should enjoy Velocispider. Its 16-bit visuals and good sense of humor alongside its cut-scenes make it a blast to play. Definitely one for those who love games like Space Invaders, Galaga, and Defender.

What’s it like? Google Play has a number of good old-school shooters like Velocispider, so check out titles like R-Type, Space Invaders Infinity Gene or Centipede Origins if you need a retro gaming fix.

Subway Surfers (Free)

What’s it about? Another iOS hit comes to Android! This is a fun, free endless runner which keeps things simple but is also very addictive.

What’s cool? You play as a kid running away from a grumpy railway inspector and his dog after you’re caught spraying graffiti. You need to leap over trains or dodge them using simple swipe controls and see how far you can get until you die. Along the way, you’ll pick up coins, jetpacks, use hoverboards, big-jump boots and complete daily challenges.

Who is it for? It’s definitely one for fans of endless running games. It’s easy to pick up and play, the controls are simple, and the mission system a bit like that in Jetpack Joyride, always encouraging you to play one more game.

What’s it like? The game takes its inspiration from Temple Run, especially with its over-the-shoulder perspective and ‘one more chance’ gameplay if you gently hit something.

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