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New Android apps worth downloading: Coach’s Eye, DICK’s Sporting Goods, The Bard’s Tale

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to take you into the weekend. Coach’s Eye is for all those budding athletes out there who want to analyze their technique using slow-motion video. Keeping with the sports theme, we have the DICK’s Sporting Goods Android app so you can shop with ease and keep track of your rewards. Finally, we’ve got The Bard’s Tale, a satircal, epic RPG with a great sense of humor and the ability to really make you chuckle.

Coach’s Eye ($4.99)

What’s it about? Coach’s Eye provides athletes a method to improve their technique using slow-motion video.

What’s cool? The app offers an effective way for anyone to coach or learn form and technique. A pitcher can improve their fastball, or a golfer can analyze their swing. It’s easy to break down a volleyball or tennis serve, or improve soccer skills. Coach's Eye provides video capture with slow-motion review, drawing tools and easy sharing

Who is it for? Coach’s Eye is ideal for people who play sports (or their coaches/instructors of course), whether professional or amateur. At $4.99, it’s a lot cheaper than thousands of dollars of video equipment. The app has already been a hit on iOS.

What’s it like? I know there’s a Tiger Woods “analyze my swing” app on iOS, but at least there is iSwing™ on Android which offers similar functionality, just without the famous name.

DICK’s Sporting Goods Mobile (Free)

What’s it about? As well as allowing you to shop for athletic gear at, this new app also lets you track and manage your rewards.

What’s cool? There is full access to all the stuff available at DICK’s Sporting Goods, or you can find a store nearby. You can get news and info on all the company’s latest products or manage your ScoreCard Rewards, which turn into cash the more gear you buy.

Who is it for? People familiar with DICK’s Sporting Goods will be happy to see a dedicated app on Android, especially because it means more opportunities to earn rewards. At the same time, anyone who likes to shop for sporting apparel or athletic gear may find it’s a handy app to have around.

What’s it like? There aren’t too many other sporting goods retailers offering their apps in Google Play, but the big boys like Zappos,, Amazon Mobile and Shopper are good alternatives.

The Bard’s Tale ($5.95)

What’s it about? This huge, sprawling, satirical and entertaining role-playing game will see you embarking on numerous quests for “coins and cleavage” (oh my!).

What’s cool? The game features 20-30 hours of action, according to the developers, with 50 enemy types, a vast world to explore, 16 magical characters to discover, loads of special bosses and over 14 hours of quality voice-acting from familiar Hollywood names like Cary Elwes and Tony Jay.

Who is it for? There’s a distinct sense of humor here throughout, so some of the game’s bawdy references might not be appropriate for kids, but it’s all tongue-in-cheek fun. IMG called it “easily the funniest game I’ve played.” By the way, the app description says it’s a 14MB download, but once installed, you’ll need 1.7GB of free space. That’s probably not so funny if you don’t have enough room!

What’s it like? There are plenty of RPGs out there, but few have the same sense of humor and irreverence of The Bard’s Tale.

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