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New Android apps worth downloading: Triggertrap, My Dragon, The Curse

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to start the new week off right. Triggertrap, though it requires some additional hardware, is a smart remote trigger compatible with many modern digital cameras. My Dragon should appeal to kids as it lets them raise, take care of and play with cute little dragons. Finally, for puzzle game fans, check out The Curse which offers 100 tricky puzzles and a great story to boot.

Triggertrap (Free, requires additional hardware)

What’s it about? Triggertrap is a really clever app, letting you use your Android smartphone or tablet as a remote trigger for your digital SLR or advanced compact camera.

What’s cool? Before you go any further, Triggertrap requires a mobile dongle and connection cable before it can work properly. Once connected, the app can trigger your SLR using eight different modes including time lapse, long exposure HDR, star trail mode, bulb ramping mode, or simply as a remote cable release.

Who is it for? The app is geared towards both amateur and professional photographers and it’s a very smart use of technology. The company got its funding via Kickstarter and now their idea is a reality. 280 different camera models are currently supported.

What’s it like? Helicon Remote can trigger specific Nikon and Canon dSLRs and allows for tethered shooting, but Triggertrap’s list of compatible camera is far larger and not just limited to a few Nikon and Canon SLRs.

My Dragon (Free)

What’s it about? Ever wished you could own and raise your very own pet dragon? Now you can with this game from Glu Mobile that’s great for kids.

What’s cool? As the newest Royal Dragon Keeper of Dragonia your job is to take care of the kingdom’s most captivating dragons. You’ll need to keep them healthy and happy by petting them, feeding them, playing with them and even dressing them up in costumes (beware of fiery breath). As you perform various tasks,you’ll earn scales so you can expand your stable and adopt new dragons.

Who is it for? Kids and fans of virtual pet games will probably enjoy My Dragon’s colorful world. However, this is a freemium title so you only get a limited number of items with which to begin and may need to fork out some real cash for extra items. Parents – you have been warned.

What’s it like? There are plenty of other virtual pet games around, but there’s something charming about these cute fire-breathers it has to be said. Drago Pet is also dragon-based, while the hugely popular Aqua Pets lets you keep fishy friends. In Dream Zoo, you get to raise a whole menagerie.

The Curse ($0.99)

What’s it about? Love tricky puzzle games with great stories? The Curse should keep you busy for a while.

What’s cool? Following its acclaimed release on iOS, The Curse features 100 puzzles that need to be solved in order to unravel an ancient curse. You can choose to complete them in any order, but they’ll challenge your logic, memory and reflex skills completely. As you go, you’ll also unveil the story behind the Mannequin’s fiendish trials.

Who is it for? Puzzle game fans will certainly enjoy The Curse. It offers a nice balance of storytelling and strategy. There are some pretty devious puzzles, great narration, interactive cutscenes, and convenient in-app purchase hints if you really get stuck.

What’s it like? Fortunately, Android is blessed with a lot of good puzzle games, but The Curse combines the story so nicely it’s a cut above many other offerings. Still, don’t miss titles like Machinarium or Quell Reflect if you’re a fan.

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