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New Android apps worth downloading: SwatchMatic, eBay update, Prince of Persia Classic

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to take us into the weekend. SwatchMatic is a clever app that recognizes colors in the real world and then creates helpful robotic swatches of them. eBay’s official app got a much-needed overhaul and added some useful extra functionality to boot. We’ve also got the lowdown on Prince of Persia Classic for all you old-school gamers out there.

SwatchMatic (Free)

What’s it about? SwatchMatic uses your camera to view the world around you. It matches colors to its palette thus inspiring designers everywhere!

What’s cool? Just point your smartphone’s camera at a color you like and it tells you the color's name and all the values you need to recreate it. It also gives you five other colors that nicely match it. You can save the palette as an image of a loveable robot all dressed up in the aforementioned colors, or as text so they’re easy to share in a design app or printing service.

Who is it for? Graphic designers looking for color inspiration will find SwatchMatic a perfect companion. Frankly, the app is just plain fun for anyone to use, say if you’re looking for a new color to paint your bathroom.

What’s it like? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Android app do what SwatchMatic does. There are various color-inspiration apps, like Adobe Kuler, and numerous Augmented Reality apps, but SwatchMatic combines the two in a unique way.

eBay update (Free)

What’s it about? Version 2.0 of the official eBay app has finally arrived and it brings a nice design refresh as well as some useful additional features.

What’s cool? There’s a new user-interface more in tune with Android’s Holo design standards so everything looks a bit crisper and cleaner. If you’re in the U.S., the app now offers access to eBay Motors so it’s easier to shop for vehicles, parts and accessories. There is also better list access, sellers can add up to 12 photos when listing an item, and it’s simple to view an item’s bidding history.

Who is it for? For avid eBay addicts, the refreshed design will be welcome, as will the addition of access to eBay Motors. eBay now allows users in Spain and Italy to add listings via the app, plus there’s payment support for shoppers in Malaysia and Singapore.

What’s it like? eBay is pretty much the boss when it comes to auctions online. The company also has its local classifieds app offering, as well as its eBay Widgets so you can track what you’re buying or selling on your home screen.

Prince of Persia Classic ($2.99)

What’s it about? Ubisoft just released this refreshed version of the classic adventure game. It features all the action from the original with an updated look and feel.

What’s cool? As the Prince of Persia, you’re on a daring rescue mission to save your Princess. You’ll performing death-defying stunts as you head from the dark dungeons to the beautiful palace tower. There are plenty of fiendish traps to overcome and multiple game modes to enjoy.

Who is it for? Fans of the original game will no doubt get a kick of this update mobile version which still retains much of the original’s challenge. The multiple game modes might also help recruit new players: there’s normal mode, a time attack mode and a survival mode where you must complete the game in 60 minutes without dying once. Yikes.

What’s it like? Other adventure platformers include The Adventures of TintinLara Croft: Guardian of Light and Illusia 2 which mixes in RPG elements.

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