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New Android apps worth downloading: INRFOOD, Verizon Mobile Security, Galaxy Empire

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to enjoy. INRFOOD is an app that helps you discover what’s really going on in the ingredients of the food you buy at the store. Verizon Mobile Security is a new solution offering virus protection and remote locking functions if your Android device is stolen or lost. Finally, we’ve got Galaxy Empire, a real-time strategy game set in space from RPG specialists Gamevil.


What’s it about? This new app lets you scan the barcodes of food products you buy then discover the nutritional quality of their ingredients.

What’s cool? Too often, we buy food products featuring strange ingredients we can barely even pronounce. INRFOOD has a database of over 250,000 food products and throws back color-coded ingredients highlighted in red (avoid), yellow (moderate/cut back), and green (safe/may be nutritious). It’s a clever way to decide if something’s worth buying or eating.

Who is it for? The app is great for just about anyone who likes to eat healthily, is fighting obesity, or just wants a better idea of what really goes into the food they buy. With 15,000+ ingredients you will know each ingredient’s origin, function, health effects, and use in other industries.

What’s it like? There are other apps that perform a similar function like Fooducate. Like INRFOOD, it lets you scan barcodes on food products to discover the nutrition information contained within them.

Verizon Mobile Security (Free)

What’s it about? This new app from Verizon helps protect your device from security threats like viruses and malware, or people accessing your personal information illegally.

What’s cool? Just to make it clear, the basic virus protection features (powered by McAfee) are free, but the ability to notify you which apps are infringing your personal information and the ability to remotely lock or wipe your device require you to pay $1.99 per device each month, or $1.00 per device each month for Total Equipment Coverage customers.

Who is it for? Clearly, the app is only for Verizon smartphone users right now but it’s a straightforward “install it and forget it” kind of app that could be valuable when your phone’s security is compromised.

What’s it like? There are plenty of other security solutions in Google Play like the well-regarded Lookout Security & Antivirus. The premium features of Lookout are $2.99/month or $29.99/year.

Galaxy Empire (Free)

What’s it about? Galaxy Empire is a new space-based real-time strategy game from Gamevil.

What’s cool? As humans continue to colonize the universe, fierce battles for resources and influence emerge. You’ll need to manage and upgrade your bases and natural resources while waging war against enemies. Then, expand your horizons and create alliances with friends while defending your territory.

Who is it for? Fans of RTS titles should enjoy Galaxy Empire, and it’s refreshing to see Gamevil release a title that isn’t a role-playing game for a change!

What’s it like? Other space-based real-time strategy games available from Google Play include Planetary Wars, Star Colonies or Space STG II - Death Rain. Also check out Legendary Heroes for an RTS with more of a fantasy theme.

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