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New Android apps worth downloading: TechCrunch, Spiceworks Mobile HD, Big Win Baseball

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to enjoy. TechCrunch finally has a dedicated Android tablet app so you can get access to all the latest tech news and opinion anywhere you may be. Also, we have Spiceworks Mobile HD, another tablet-optimized app aimed at IT professionals who need to keep their networks in check. Finally, we’ve got Big Win Baseball a card-collecting multiplayer game with a fun baseball theme.

TechCrunch (Free)

What’s it about? This is the official Android app for the popular technology website which is formatted for tablet viewing.

What’s cool? The app allows you to browse the latest headlines and read stories from TechCrunch, and it’s also fully integrated with CrunchBase (a database of startups, investors and entrepreneurs). You can see what’s hot in the tech world, and see the latest tweets, all wrapped up in a custom-designed tablet interface.

Who is it for? TechCrunch will appeal to people into stories about Silicon Valley, startups, gadgets and go-getters. There are some very negative reviews in Google Play about immediate force-close errors, but a speedily-issued update seems to have fixed those.

What’s it like? The TechCrunch mobile site might be the answer if you’re still having problems. Other great tech sites have dedicated apps like Engadget, The Verge, Technology Review and many others.

Spiceworks Mobile HD (Free)

What’s it about? Here’s an app geared squarely at IT professionals who need to manage their network, tickets or users directly from their Android tablet.

What’s cool? The app is the tablet companion to the existing smartphone version. It allows IT specialists to view network inventory and issues, run their help desk and tend to their tickets, get an idea of what their end users are up to, and discuss various IT issues with other IT professionals. You’ll need the desktop app from the Spiceworks website as well.

Who’s it for? As mentioned, this is a very technically-focused, thorough app so it’s definitely aimed at the professional IT expert rather than the casual user. Apparently, over 2 million IT pros already use Spiceworks software, so this customized tablet experience will probably be very welcome.

What’s it like? There are some other professional IT-focused apps in Google Play. Apps like Splashtop Remote Desktop allow control of a computer remotely which many IT professional could find handy. The SysAid Helpdesk App can help IT experts deliver support from their Android devices, too.

Big Win Baseball (Free)

What’s it about? Here’s a fun baseball game that adds elements of card collecting to the national pastime to create an enjoyable experience.

What’s cool? You can create your own dream team and compete with opponents around the world, watching your team battle it out on the baseball diamond. As you gather more card packs, you’ll be able to boost your players’ skills or discover new ones.

Who’s it for? So this isn’t a game for fans of action-packed baseball games who want to swing the bat themselves (check out 9 Innings for that). Instead, it focuses on card collecting and multiplayer gaming, but is still fun in its own, different way.

What’s it like? The developers behind Big Win Baseball, Hothead Games, also created similar titles in Big Win Hockey and Big Win Soccer which offer a similar dynamic, but just with different sports.

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