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New Android apps worth downloading: Quora,, Gojee - Food & Drink Recipes

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to enjoy. The official Quora app finally emerged on Android yesterday and the developers did a great job, improving on its iOS predecessor significantly. Via.Me is a new social sharing app which helps you upload all your favorite photos, video, audio or text from a single place. Finally, we’ve got Gojee - Food & Drink Recipes which supplies you with personalized recipe recommendations depending on what you like and what you’re craving.

Quora (Free)

What’s it about? Now you can get answers to all your questions on-the-go with the Quora Android app.

What’s cool? While it took its time arriving on Android, Quora on Google’s platform is perhaps more functional than on iOS. The app cleverly integrates with Google’s own in-built Android search, there’s a homescreen widget to increase engagement, plus the ability to embed photos inline when you’re the one asking the questions.

Who is it for? Android users who are fans of the web-based service will no-doubt be overjoyed by a dedicated Quora app, especially because it offers some great functionality. In general, Quora can be a useful research tool if you simply want some views and opinions from experts and the public at large.

What’s it like? Quora is a unique service. There is an unofficial Quora app in Google Play called arouQ but don’t expect that to stick around for much longer! (Free)

What’s it about? claims to be a better way to share and follow life’s moments in text, photos, videos and sound.

What’s cool? makes creating, filtering and sharing pictures, videos and audio notes across multiple social networks as easy as just a few clicks. Once you’ve selected the media you want to share, you can apply various filters and instantly share them to Facebook and Twitter. You get notified instantly if friends comment on your stuff, and, in turn, it’s easy to comment on what others have uploaded.

Who’s it for? It’s clear that already has a big following, with the website drawing over 12 million monthly visitors. Via.Me also has an impressive list of global brands using the platform including Popchips, Kia Motors, Neiman Marcus, Sony Electronics and Fox Studios.

What’s it like? There’s an obvious comparison here to apps like Tumblr and Instagram, but clearly is aiming to be the one-stop shop whenever you want to share anything quickly and efficiently.

Gojee - Food & Drink Recipes (Free)

What’s it about? Gojee recommends top quality recipes from some of the world’s best food writers and bloggers.

What’s cool? What makes Gojee different, however, is that these recommendations are catered to you personally. Simply let Gojee know what you like, what you’re craving or what foods you have at home, and Gojee will provide the perfect recipes. It’s a unique way to approach cooking.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for some inspiration when cooking, Gojee might provide it because you can help the app learn what you like. Even if you just love food, the mouthwatering images and refreshing app design are sure to impress.

What’s it like? While there are some great and thorough recipes apps out there like Epicurious and AllRecipes, plus interesting food recommendation apps like Foodspotting, Gojee does a good job of combining the two.

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