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SkyDrive leads Android Apps of the Week

by Marty Gabel

This week, Android users happily welcomed SkyDrive onto their devices. Microsoft’s cloud storage solution took its sweet time arriving on the platform, but now it’s here. Also this week, Google Play welcomed Grooveshark back into the market after a long hiatus and we saw a cool new video-editing app in Magisto, a nice way to follow the U.S. Open tennis tournament and a fun photo collage app called Muzy.

SkyDrive (Free)

With its presence on iOS devices and Windows 7 phones (naturally), it was only a matter of time before Microsoft’s cloud storage solution emerged on Android. The app works on Android 2.3 and above and allows access to all your files and those shared with you by others. If you’ve never used the service before, signing-up with SkyDrive will net you 7GB of free storage as Microsoft go after other popular players in the market like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Grooveshark (Free)*

Back in April of 2011, the original Grooveshark app was yanked from the store by Google with very little explanation, but now it’s back. Apparently, Grooveshark still faces issues obtaining proper licenses for the music it streams (as well as litigation from major labels), so we’re not sure how long it will last. Grab it while you can: a free 14-day/50 song trial is available or it’s $9/month for the full service which offers unlimited streaming, offline listening and unlimited playlists.

*Since publishing this article, Grooveshark appears to have been removed once more from Google Play. The app can still be downloaded from Grooveshark's website.

Magisto - Magical Video Editor (Free)

While there are numerous video editing apps available out there, none offer the same kind of automation as Magisto. The technology behind it is pretty clever – Magisto analyzes the footage you’ve shot and splices it together to create a good-looking movie which is then easy to share with friends and family. It even adds effects, transitions and can recognize faces. You can add your own soundtrack, or take advantage of the music the company has already licensed. While Magisto doesn’t offer the hands-on experience some editors crave, it’s still fun to see what it creates.

US Open Tennis Championships (Free)

The U.S. Open started on Monday in New York. The official Android app is a great accompaniment for people who need to keep up with all the news when they’re away from the TV or computer. As well as constantly-updated live scores, the app will be streaming live tennis action on Labor Day and during Finals Weekend. We would have loved to have seen live streaming throughout the event, but maybe that will come next year. The app also offers all the usual stuff like news, photos, schedules and video highlights.

Muzy (Free)

This app has been seeing a lot of attention and downloads in Google Play lately. Muzy offers a great way to edit your photos and it’s fun to make collages of your images. You can frame your photos with dozens of layouts, add special effects and write messages using neat-looking fonts. Muzy is great for bringing out your creative side and it’s simple to share your final product on Facebook. According to the app’s description, 10 million people already use Muzy, so it’s certainly popular and must be doing something right.

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