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New Android apps worth downloading: TravelerComm, Pebble Universe, Flickr update

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great Android apps to enjoy. TravelerComm combines multiple elements of other travel apps (journaling, maps, guides) into one single offering. Pebble Universe is a cute and colorful physics/puzzler which requires careful timing to succeed. Finally, there’s an update to Flickr which adds some much-needed functionality.

TravelerComm ($2.79)

What’s it about? TravelerComm allows people to share their travel experiences with friends.

What’s cool? TravelerComm is like having multiple apps in one because it offers distinct sub-applications for notes, a travel guide, maps and the ability to connect with friends. There are maps of cities and well-known locations, as well as recommendations for travelers based on the region or city they are in. 750 maps are included and they work offline. It’s easy to connect with your friends, family and relatives if they are also using TravelerComm by sharing your notes complete with geotags.

Who is it for? With numerous apps out there that cater for different aspects of traveling, it’s nice that TravelerComm kills so many birds with one stone and offers multiple functionality. There’s a free version to try first if you’re still on the fence.

What’s it like? Apps like Trip Journal are great for documenting your travels, and of course, there are hundreds of city guides out there alongside apps like TripAdvisor with thousands of reviews and maps.

Pebble Universe (Free)

What’s it about? Pebble Universe is a cute physics/puzzler that will test how good your timing skills really are.

What’s cool? Originally a hit on iOS, Pebble Universe sees a bunch of pebbles attacked by monsters who just love to eat pebble meat. Fortunately, the pebbles discovered their hats explode when smashed together. Now they can fight back, and that’s where you come in. The game offers 25 increasingly complex levels for free (with more available via in-app purchase) as well as cute graphics and good production values.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of physics/puzzlers but are growing weary of the usual slingshot dynamic they often utilize, Pebble Universe is worth a look. It’s a fresh take on the genre because of the timing element involved.

What’s it like? Though Pebble Universe takes some of its cues from classic physics puzzlers like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, it still offers enough originality to make it worth a look.

Flickr update (Free)

What’s it about? The official app from Yahoo!s hugely popular photo-sharing service.

What’s cool? Flickr just got an update to version 1.5 and adds some useful functionality. Now you can explore interesting photos like you can on the website and search has been improved. More crucially for heavy Flickr users, you can now edit details of existing photos and choose any camera app to shoot with. There are also a number of bug fixes. It’s disappointing not to see support for Groups yet, but hopefully that will be added soon.

Who’s it for? If you’re a Flickr pro, the app offers a great way to interact with the site and upload photos directly. There are also filters and enhancements you can add to the photos you shoot before you share them, so the app has multiple functionality, even if it’s not as powerful as other similar camera apps.

What’s it like? There are numerous photo-sharing services available like 500px, Instagram and Photobucket. In addition, there are plenty of great photo-editing apps offering cool effects and filters like Pixlr-o-matic and PicsArt - Photo Studio.

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