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Developing Minds Want to Know: Q&A with Any.DO CEO Omer Perchik

by Brad Spirrison

We are big fans of task management app Any.DO. In fact, it was our favorite Android app from any category in 2011.

The Any.DO team – which is funded in part by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and based in Israel and San Francisco – does not rest on its laurels. The company this year debuted its first iOS title which is also a must-download application.

In this inaugural Android edition of Developing Minds Want to Know, we check-in with Any.DO founder and CEO Omer Perchik to discuss the company, the state of the app sector, and how his flagship application can “increase happiness and well being.”

Key company facts:

Name and Title: Omer Perchik, Founder & CEO

Company: Any.DO

Location: Israel and San Francisco

Size (Revenue and/or Employees): 12 and growing

Primary Apps/Platforms: Any.DO on Android, iPhone and Chrome

APPOLICIOUS: What inspired you to become an app creator?

Omer Perchik: Many of the things we do could be easily simplified and automated, and mobile devices are just the perfect solution for such a thing.

Here is a video review and description of Any.DO from the folks at DroidDog:

APPO: How long have you been developing apps, and what is the most significant difference between now and when you began?

OP: We started Any.DO less than two years ago and the biggest difference is the popularity and maturity of the platforms.

APPO: What apps (outside of those that you develop) inspire you the most and why?

OP: Instagram has done amazing work in simplifying a daily process of taking and sharing beautiful pictures. Square has done a tremendous thing in simplifying merchants life. GetTaxi and Uber revolutionized the taxi industry.

APPO: Where do you see the most innovation in the app sector?

OP: I love to connect the real world with the online world. “The quantified self” type of apps is the most exciting sector in app development today..

APPO: How do you harness that innovation in your own titles?

OP: Any.DO’s reminders is just a small piece of what we are planning for Any.DO’s future. We believe that by deeply understanding people’s life we’ll be able to increase happiness and well being.

APPO: In such a crowded space, explain how you generate awareness and drive downloads to your applications.

OP: We believe products must be simple yet extremely powerful. While buidling Any.DO we’ve invested a significant amount of time in simplifiying the product and fine tuning the experience. A great example is the priorities. We started with the basic three level of priorities but we came to realization that things are much more binary than we usually think. Things are either important or not important.

APPO: What are the biggest technical constraints that exist today in the app sector?

OP: Measurement. We haven’t found a good enough solution to understand from where are we getting our users from.

APPO: How do you (or will you) make money from your application?

OP: Helping people get their things done.

APPO: What advice do you have to those working on their first applications?

OP: Try to build habits and make people feel good with themselves.

APPO: Where do you see the app sector one year from now? Five years from now?

OP: In a year I believe apps will get smarter and more contextual. In five years apps will be everywhere (TV, PC, tablet, mobile, watch, car etc.).

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