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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 8: HopeLine, Hurricane - American Red Cross, GraveStompers

by Marty Gabel

Wednesday’s leading Fresh App is HopeLine. This collaboration between Verizon and MEDL Mobile aims to raise awareness of domestic violence and encourage you to donate old and used cell phones to support victims. Up next is Hurricane - American Red Cross, an app that provides clear and sensible advice about hurricane preparedness and could be a life-saver in a pinch. Lightening the tone somewhat is GraveStompers, a zombie-themed third-person shooter game which offers plenty of action, destructive weapons and lots of undead monster-slaying.

HopeLine from Verizon (Free)

Though this app was developed by Verizon, it’s available for all Android smartphones. HopeLine was created by Big Red in conjunction with MEDL Mobile and wants to encourage people to turn in unused cell phones to support domestic violence victims and survivors.

It’s a good cause, considering domestic violence affects nearly 1 in 4 women, 1 in 9 men and more than 3 million children. The app offers easy instructions on donating your unused devices by mail or help finding HopeLine donation centers. There’s also access to nationwide domestic violence resources and an emergency call button directly to the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV).

Hurricane - American Red Cross (Free)

Appolicious Advisor, Kate Currin, already give big props to the original First Aid - American Red Cross app a few weeks ago. The developers promised further apps for specific disaster scenarios, and they’ve delivered with Hurricane.

The app can help you monitor conditions in your area, prepare your home for an emergency, find help, and let others know you are safe if the power goes out or disaster hits. Advice on creating a hurricane preparedness kit is available and there are even quizzes to test your knowledge to ensure you’re truly ready.

GraveStompers (Free)

Another day, another zombie game. The wonderfully-titled GraveStompers is a third-person action game which is intended for high-performance devices only, according to the developer’s notes. It’s all about zombie eradication and is positively overflowing with destruction.

Fans of horror should get a kick out of this one. You can play as Max, Matt or Earl and wield weapons like chainsaws, rocket launchers, shotguns and more against the zombie horde, the zombeast and even the lovingly-named necrotic corpse demon! There’s even some exclusive downloadable content to purchase, if you dare.

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