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Friday tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Facebook may have created the Timeline, but a new app called Friday is capturing your entire life in a timeline all its own. Combining many of the ambient, social and search trends we’ve seen for Android apps in recent months, Friday is an ambitious app that’s already gaining popularity. Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator has also earned its place on this week’s list, making for an entertaining diversion from the norm. Then there’s SoFit, rewarding you for working out regularly with basic tracking and virtual competitions.

Friday (Free)

Touting itself as the first “passive auto journal,” Friday leverages the many capabilities of your Android device to capture your every move and save it to a timeline of your life. From the same team that brought us the Siri-like Android app Iris, Friday provides a history of your text messages, phone calls and emails, combining them with other events your phone is able to record, like photos and battery drops, and even data from third-party apps like Facebook and Foursquare. Now you can search your personal history and take action through “applets,” which are context-aware apps that will notify you of a low battery if there’s a nearby charging station, and a map of your daily trek complete with photos and activities. Competing with the recently launched Google Now, the battle for your personal story is on.

Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator (Free)

Working its way up the charts this week, Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator lets you create your own creature from dozens of possible combos, be it robot, alien or humanoid. Make it as frightening or as glamorous as your imagination can, combining a cyclops eye with a robot antenna or a fish fin with blue, freckled skin. Change every feature of the face, customizing the head, eyes, nose, hair and more. Add a variety of objects, like a cell phone or a rose, to add character to your... character. Give it a name and put it on display in the Head Museum, where you can access your creations. Share the best of your heads with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Download the Appolicious Android app

SoFit (Free)

There are plenty of apps that track our fitness, and there’s nothing wrong with that. SoFit is the latest, offering up rewards and perks for working out and staying fit. The idea is to motivate you with points you earn, redeemable for exclusive product offers, music and video downloads and contributions to charity fundraising campaigns. No matter what your activity, be it walking, biking or frequenting the gym, SoFit will keep track of it and mark your points. Compete in virtual games against friends and watch the points pile up. SoFit even teamed up with the U.S. State Department’s “Walk A Mile” charity campaign, so everyone’s a winner.

Solid Explorer Beta2 (Free)

Still in beta, Solid Explorer is a fully-functional file manager app with two independent panels for easier navigation. The idea is to make an aesthetically-pleasing browsing experience for mobile screens, compete with drag-and-drop, multiple file type support, indexed search and the ability to create ZIP files, among others. There’s also cloud integration for easy access to files you may have in Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive or GoogleDrive, along with the ability to save bookmarks and gain root access.

Tom Hanks’ Electric City (Free)

Debuting on Yahoo! Screen, the new animated series from Tom Hanks takes a journey through a post-apocalyptic world of survival. The Android app for Electric City offers full access to the series’ 20 episodes, following a diverse group of characters as they navigate a changed planet. The entire web series is 90 minutes long, and the app features multiple sections for streaming episodes as well as learning about each character. There’s also a “making of” section where you can go behind the scenes. Be sure to check out the accompanying Android game called Electric City The Revolt, also based on the series.

truTV2GO (Free)

For the truTV fans out there, the Turner TV cable network’s released an official app for Android users. Broadcasting reality shows around the clock, the mobile access to truTV is a TV junkie’s dream come true. You can access streams of full episodes for shows like Operation Repo, Hardcore Pawn, World’s Dumbest and South Beach Tow, as well as video clips, which are updated daily. There’s also a schedule of upcoming programming with reminder options, and chat.