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Fresh Android Apps for July 23: Friday, The Dark Knight Rises, Great Big War Game

by Marty Gabel

It’s Monday, but today’s leading app is, confusingly enough, Friday. It taps into all your activity on your phone and social networks to create a kind of ‘context-aware’ personal assistant. Well, it was released on Friday at least, as was The Dark Knight Rises from Gameloft, which ties-in nicely to the Batman movie that saw swift business this weekend. We also have Great Big War Game, a turn-based strategy title with a good sense of humor and plenty of action to enjoy.

Friday (Free)

From Dexetra, developers of the Siri-like Iris (which we featured in one of our weekly round-ups last year), comes Friday which claims to be the world’s first “passive auto journal.” This clever concept taps into all the activity on your phone like messages, calls, email, photos you take, plus your social networking activity to create a kind of search engine for your life.

What makes Friday even smarter are the third-party ‘applets’ which tap into the API to enhance the experience. Trails is the first one and it creates a kind of travel diary based on where you’ve been. Expect more applets in the future which will deliver all kinds of personalized recommendations based on your activity.

The Dark Knight Rises ($6.99)

The conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy hit theaters this weekend, and on Friday, Gameloft launched this exclusive video game inspired by the movie. You’ll play as the Dark Knight himself, battling your way through Gotham City and defeating your foes, but you’ll also need 1.8GB of storage space (yikes).

There are dozens of missions plus random events to keep the action fresh. You’ll need to deal with hostage situations, bomb squads, jailbreaks and car chases, plus there’s plenty of fighting along the way of course. Access Batman’s entire arsenal of weapons and tools and experience Gotham like you never have before.

Great Big War Game ($2.99)

The generalissimo is back! This new turn-based strategy title just hit Google Play, and it’s a follow-up to the Rubicon Development’s popular favorite, Great Little War Game, which was released last year.

This tap and swipe turn-based strategy game is set in a cool fictional world and has a good sense of humor with funny, cartoon graphics. There’s an expanded single-player campaign on offer with 50 missions, plus online asynchronous multiplayer featuring plenty of madness and mayhem.

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