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Live Nation tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Better late than never, Live Nation finally made its way to the Android platform, connecting music fans with concerts and live performances across the country. Also hot this week was the premium launch of the popular Minecraft companion app, PocketInvEditor Pro, and Tivoli Radio, with a curated selection of customer-approved tunes. Here are this week’s top Android apps.

Live Nation (Free)

After a long stint on iOS, Live Nation launched a much-needed Android app. Geared towards concert goers and live music fans, the Live Nation app lets you browse, search and discover concerts nearby based on your favorite artists. You’ll also get venue info and seating charts. There are a few other neat features in Live Nation’s app, including alerts for exclusive pre-sales and last-minute tickets, and there’s also an extensive archive of live set-lists. Don’t miss another live show – stay in the know with Live Nation.

PocketInvEditor Pro ($0.99)

For all you Minecraft fans, here’s an update to the popular PocketInvEditor app: a pro version. For 99 cents you get more features with the Minecraft inventory editor, including more blocks and items without coding it up or connecting to a computer, spawning and removing mobs directly through the Entities screen. As with the free version, you can also load and save your data files, edit all item slots, track your item IDs and backup your levels in a handy little .zip file.

Tivoli Radio (Free)

From Tivoli Audio comes a new radio app with a unique spin that speaks to the reputation customers have come to know. The app isn’t your run-of-the-mill radio service with countless stations and genres. Instead you’ll get a curated list of Tivoli’s top picks based on the Internet stations most listened to by its customers. Equally important is Tivoli’s radio app design, made to look like its best-selling radio, the Model One. If you’re OK with quality over quantity, this app is stress-free in that it offers limited choices to not overwhelm your brain. With only 10 genres to choose from, and 10 stations in each genre, Tivoli keeps it simple.

Download the Appolicious Android app

QUICK for eBay & Craigslist (Free)

Created with sellers in mind, QUICK for eBay & Craigslist lets you craft a product listing and post it across the most popular marketplaces. Centralizing your efforts, QUICK’s new mobile app keeps you from having to log-in to eBay, then Craigslist, and even supports Facebook (Etsy is on the way). Of course, your items will be listed in QUICK’s own marketplace as well, letting you manage an online presence with minimal hassle, all from your phone. Snap a photo of the item you’re selling with your Android handset, upload it to QUICK, add your description and post away. QUICK has social features as well, so you can offer “friends only” discounts to Facebook users, and leverage your network to spread word of your sale items.

AutoRap (Free)

Another amusing app from Smule, AutoRap turns your regular words into rhythmic poetry with one click. Simply talk into your device, armed with the rhymes you’ve written in a notebook, or take a chance at freestyling, and the auto-tune musical app will be instantly transformed into a rap song. Share your best tracks with friends, prove your skills with a few freestyle beats and make a “mixtape” with a few premium songs from artists like Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj.