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Fresh Android Apps for June 22: SwiftKey 3, Jolicloud, Centipede: Origins

by Marty Gabel

Hot on the heels of the latest Swype Beta (which we featured yesterday), SwiftKey 3 appeared in Google Play pretty, erm, swiftly afterwards. Previously in beta, the third version of this Android keyboard app is now available for everyone. We also have Jollicloud, an aesthetically pleasing way to gather and view many of your social networks and photo sharing sites in one place. For your gaming fix this weekend, why not try a recreation of an old classic with Centipede: Origins from Atari.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard ($1.99)

While Swype Beta got all the press the other day, SwiftKey 3 followed up it yesterday with a major update to its Android keyboard. After SwiftKey and SwiftKey X comes SwiftKey 3. It’s a free update for folks who bought the previous iterations, and on sale for those who are yet to check it out. It’s worth noting that SwiftKey 3 is also available as a free trial version for both smartphones and tablets, as well as a full tablet version if you like what you see.

SwiftKey 3 is better at space prediction now, in fact you can type what appears to be gibberish and SwiftKey might just know what you mean. It also offers new themes, smarter punctuation and special character prediction, plus backup support so you'll never lose the database of words and phrases it has already learned.

Jolicloud (Free)

Jolicloud is almost like a Pinterest for all your social services and photo sharing sites in one single app. It launched on iOS a few weeks ago, and now it’s available for Android users, too. It works a bit like a personal library by gathering your favorite things from the apps and services you use most often.

All the content you gather is beautifully organized into the app’s simple and elegant interface. Right now you can pull in stuff from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Picasa. The devs behind Jolicloud promise to add more services soon. It’s easy to share what you gather through the app, and it’s definitely a novel way of viewing content from multiple sources.

Centipede: Origins ($0.99)

Here’s an interesting reboot of the arcade classic Centipede from Atari. It stays pretty faithful to the original, but this time you’ll take control of a garden gnome repelling the attacks of various insects and creepy-crawlies who are trying to destroy your plants. If you love old-school shooter action with a fresh twist, check this one out.

There are new weapons (like grenades) and new gadgets (like fly traps or time warps) to employ. Using coins obtained during the game, or via in-app purchases, these can be upgraded and improved significantly. Four, fresh environments await which can be unlocked as you make progress throughout the game.

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