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Fresh Android Apps for May 30: JetAudio Basic, Incredible Castle, Little Hero

by Ian Black

Audiophiles have been slow to join in on the smartphone fun due, in part, to the lack of sophistication in music apps. Today’s fresh JetAudio Basic might just make them change their minds.

In fresh games, try Incredible Castle for an old twist on the new matching craze and download Little Hero for mobile game version of the classic “locked room” puzzle.

JetAudio Basic (Free)

Don’t just hit play! Go deeper into your audio tracks with this full-featured audio player.

First, know that the app supports many audio file types including .WAV, .MP3, .M4A, .APE, .MOD, and several others. Then, be aware the app sports a 10-band equalizer that lets you customize the audio output any way you like. Need more? How about reverb, x-bass, crossfading, playback speed control and other sound effects?

This free version offers a double-live-album’s worth of features but the paid Plus version (coming soon) comes with even more.

Incredible Castle (Free)

Here the 3-match game genre goes medieval! You’re the king and your kingdom enjoyed peace and prosperity until some nasty monsters came along and ruined the whole thing.

Now you must rebuild your castle one block at a time. Matching three similar objects in a grid will score you the bonuses you need to get the job done. Build up the energy of a lightning strike and you can blast the monsters to kingdom come.

Collect coins that will let you upgrade and accessorize your castle to become a showcase for the empire.

Little Hero (Free)

Even little heroes sometimes get into trouble. This find-your-way-out style puzzle arrives with a great backstory. The main character is a little boy – thus the title – whose dad works a detective. Wanting to see his dad in action, the boy secretly follows him to work, but gets trapped in a dungeon cell of a crime scene when everyone locks up and leaves him behind.

Now, the boy must free himself using only the objects around him and his trusty stuffed bunny he brought along for companionship. Explore the photo-realistic scene and figure out how to use the objects in combination to unlock the cell. Does a screwdriver break glass?

Give it a try yourself to find out what all the rave reviews are about!

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