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Fresh Android Apps for May 25:, Shoot the Zombirds, Flood Runner II

by Ian Black

It’s been a long week, and since it’s the start of the Memorial Day weekend, I’m going give you the rest of the day off. You’ve earned it! Don’t forget to download some fresh apps before you step out.

For, ahem, fitness, tune into and for games, check out the spooky Shoot the Zombirds or the frantic Flood Runner II.

Meet you back here on Tuesday of next week. Happy Memorial Day weekend! (Free)

Remember, this app focuses on fitness. A little like the “family restaurant” Hooters, you might get the wrong idea, what with the suggestive name, the skimpy workout gear worn by the exclusively female instructors, and the provocative poses of the routines. Maybe it’s just me, but the whole thing seems more like exercise for eyeballs rather than hearts.

The main attraction of the app remains the workout videos, which you can sort by popular or recent or search by title, but you can also check the news feeds, chat or photo galleries.

Shoot the Zombirds (Free)

Please welcome the obligatory “zombie” sequel to the popular Shoot the Birds Android game from last year. The cast remains mostly the same: Pumpkin Boy protects the Pumpkids from the hungry, vegetable-patch-feeding birds with his trusty crossbow. Only this time, the scenery and the birds themselves have taken a creepy turn toward the undead.

The deep purple and orange colors paint a “dark and stormy night” picture and the organ soundtrack comes straight out of Phantom of the Opera. The newly undead birds look scarier than ever, but are not any harder to kill than the original. A newly labeled “grave” store still provides the power-ups (time-freeze, speed-up, rain of pain, etc.) that help save the young ones.

Flood Runner II (Free)

There’s running for your life, then there’s Flood Runner II. This little figure must run and jump from platform to platform, just steps in front of a massive all-consuming tsunami. It’s a thrill-a-minute as one mistimed jump will be his last, but things quickly get worse.

The further you get into the game, the tsunami begins to trigger earthquakes, causing the platforms to crumble, oil slicks to surface, and stalagmites to fall from the cave roofs above. It’s a bad day all around.

Look for three different worlds to survive!

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