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Fresh Android Apps for May 23: Measure It Lite, Screen junkE, Tap Dragon Park, Skyrise Runner Zeewe

by Ian Black

Need more proof that Android phones offer more customization options than iOS? Look no farther than the lock screen personalization app called Screen junkE.

If you’ve lost your toolbox, use Measure it Lite for home improvement tasks and, in games, check out Tap Dragon Park for some train-your-dragon action, and Skywise Runner Zeewe for some Avatar-like fun.

Measure It Lite (Free)

I don’t know about you but I’m always misplacing my tape measure, though I never lose my Android. In fact, I needed to measure a wall last weekend but couldn’t find a tape measure and didn’t feel like spending another 15 bucks to buy one. Now I won’t have to.

Download and launch this app and place on or next to the object you want to measure. Place your finger on the screen and slide your Android along the object, and then repeat until you reach the length you desire. The app shows the measurement in either inches or centimeters.

Screen junkE (Free)

Before this app arrived, Android lock screens looked so boring. Now, the lock screen delivers dynamic content and direct access to your most-used features.

Customize the screen to pull images from your device gallery or content feeds from other sources. If you like what pops up, bookmark it for viewing later or jump directly there with one tap.

The slide unlock now delivers status for key communication channels including missed calls, text messages, email or social updates. See additional detail by pausing the slide on any of the icons or launch into them with a touch.

Tap Dragon Park (Free)

Here’s the backstory: All seemed well in the ye old fantasy kingdom because the bountiful gold and treasure supplied enough for everyone. Then, the trolls in the nearby woods found out about the treasure and aimed to take it all.

The king of the village thinks he’s found the answer: bring back the firing breathing dragons of yore and teach the trolls a thing or two – but he’ll need your help.

Train your dragons to become fierce fighters because you’ll need to duel against trolls in order to level-up. Breed the dragons to create new species with special powers.

Skywise Runner Zeewe (Free)

Go green and run like heck! You play Ciellu, a member of the ancient tribe of that protects the Skyland Forest. Unfortunately, the lumberjacks have arrived to turn the forest into a bunch of woodchips.

You’ll need to run and run to capture the magical crystal power-ups that will repel the tree cutters. Gather enough power-ups and you will gain the power to shape-shift to other forms including an eagle to fight from the treetops. The further you run, the more you’ll uncover the secret of the Skyland Forest.

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