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Fresh Android Apps for May 22: CoinKeeper, Vlingo Labs (Beta), Bloody Mary - Ghost

by Ian Black

Heads up for the long holiday weekend approaching. Get yourself some fresh apps to try over the relaxing three days. For the budget-minded, give CoinKeeper a look. To end distracted walking, download Vlingo Labs (Beta). And, to scare yourself silly, check out Bloody Mary – Ghost.

CoinKeeper: expense tracking (Free)

Betcha never thought a budget app could be beautiful. Be amazed by the fun and friendly CoinKeeper – it’s so much fun, you might actually use it to manage your finances.

Type in expenses than drag and drop the gold coins created from this out of your bank account and into the buckets that make up various expenses. View all of your income and outlay on one screen. To see where your money really goes, jump to the pie chart and see what comprises the biggest slice.

After getting your debt under control, start saving for a goal you specify. The app provides helpful tips to get you there faster.

Vlingo Labs (Beta) (Free)

Here’s to smart app developers! Vlingo debuts a new design for their virtual (voice-recognition-based) assistant, but they want feedback from real users before introducing it into their main product line, thus this comes labeled as “Vlingo Labs” and released as a Beta.

The goal of this design? To allow users to get many tasks done without ever touching their smartphone – a great interface for using a phone while walking. The developers purposefully restricted the features of this beta to focus feedback on the key design elements.

Vlingo wants feedback from Ice Cream Sandwich-based phone users.

Bloody Mary – Ghost ($3.99)

Ever been scared by your Android? You’re about to be. Think of this app as an interactive ghost story with puzzles.

Browse through the story but beware, your choice will help decide how the story ends. Reading during the day or night will be reflected in the story, adding to the overwhelming creepiness. Solve the puzzles using the clues laid throughout the tale.

When you finish the story, feel free to “invoke” Bloody Mary herself. Just make sure you leave the lights on!

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