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Fresh Android Apps for May 21: Hojoki, Lookout Ad Network Detector, Big Win Hockey, Burn It All

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh Android list helps improve your life. For a less obnoxious device, check out the update to Lookout Ad Network Detector, and for a cloud management tool, download Hojoki.

In games, try the fresh Big Win Hockey and Burn it All.

Hojoki (Free)

I’ve been complaining about this problem for a while and here a developer goes and solves it. How do you keep track of all your free cloud storage and synchronization accounts in Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Beanstalk, Github, Highrise, and many other services? By using this fresh app.

Hojoki works like a newsfeed for all your cloud accounts and will provide up-to-the-minute headlines of files that have been added or changed, by whom, and when. If you need to drill-down to examine files in these services, you can do so right from the app. The app also alerts those you collaborate with of changes you make automatically.

Get some cloud piece of mind with Hojoki.

Lookout Ad Network Detector (Free)

Feeling overwhelmed by ads? Need a little “commercial break” for your Android? Give this recently updated ad hunter a try.

Lookout expands it security suite with this app that scouts other apps that use a common ad network, and reports back to you what it finds on your Android. It focuses on the most intrusive ad networks including those that push ads to the Android notification bar, drop unwanted icons on your home screen, or alter your mobile browser’s home page. The app reports which apps use which capabilities in a helpful list, letting your decide what to remove.

Big Win Hockey (Free)

For true hockey lovers, summer does not end the ice time. Build your own fantasy team by pulling players from fun teams like the Canuckleheads, and then customize each for a particular look and skill set.

Face-off against teams created by international players online. The more you win, the more “impact cards” you score which grant special player skills like “Big Hits,” “Sharpshooter,” “Puck Magnet,” “Injury Free” and more.

There’s a daily trophy for highest scores which can set you up for the overall Big Win!

Burn it All (Free)

You’ve heard of Burn the Rope? This game takes things a step further in an effort to Burn it All.

Three molten flames have lost their way. You must help them find their way from the hot center of the earth back to their dad, the sun. Each of the flames has special powers that you will use, one at a time, to solve each puzzle and burn a path to the surface.

Each flame has only so much fuel per puzzle and if it burns out before you solve it, you’re done. Make sure to avoid water and gas, which will either extinguish or blast away the flames. If you’re hot, you’ll unlock five worlds, each with 25 different levels.

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