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Fresh Android Apps for May 18: Everyme, Zombie Granny, Gobber Ninja

by Ian Black

Ready for yet another social network? This one offers a new spin on privacy that might peak your interest. It’s called Everyme and you can read more about it below.

For an octogenarian take on the undead, try Zombie Granny: puzzle game, and for creative ninja fun, download Gobber Ninja.

Everyme (Free)

Not excited about Facebook’s latest privacy policy? Maybe you want to switch to more “intimate circles.”

Everyme creates a private and secure circle from your Android’s contacts. You can create other circles as needed, but you won’t have to fret about strangers viewing the things you share as your circles aren’t open to just anyone.

If you’d rather skip the circle creation, the app can do it for you. “Magic Stories” automatically alert you to birthdays, promotions and relationship milestones with your group. Join now and you’ll be one of the first on board.

Zombie Granny: puzzle game (Free)

Where hasn’t the zombie craze gone yet? To the golden years... until now, that is.

In this game, a zombie virus infects everyone, including dear ol’ grandma. You must manipulate the object in a puzzle landscape to destroy all the zombies in order to get to your real target: Zombie Granny.

The puzzles stem from three different worlds – police station, pirate ship and Stonehenge – and you’ll encounter 45 levels across them. A level editor lets you vary the puzzles to change the game up.

Gobber Ninja (Free)

If we believe Android games, ninjas may be humans, chickens, and now chameleons. The chameleon star of this game made its way through almost all of its ninja training, but to prove itself to the grand master, it must complete the final round of tests, and it needs your help.

Control the chameleon’s moves with one thumb and tap with the other to fire its tongue to latch onto elevated objects and swing through the air. Snatch all the stars and flies and the chameleon will move up to the next level, of which there are 80 in all. Note: sometimes the chameleon must change colors to succeed.

Start the game for free but an in-app purchase unlocks the full game.

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