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Songify tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Another iPhone success turns to Android with the launch of Songify on Google Play, transforming your speech into an auto-tuned song. Hitting the social music scene is, with collaborative rooms where you can show off your DJ skills. If you’re in the mood for a witty e-greeting head to the Someecards app, while ShoeBox keeps you organized with a mobile scanner to preserve those cards and photos still printed on paper.

Songify (Free)

The same app used by the Gregory Brothers, creators of “AutoTune The News,” Songify has made a name for itself as an iPhone app before heading to Android. Songify hopes to expand its 8 million user base with an app that converts your regular speech into a digitized song, auto-correcting pitch so you’ll always be in key. The app includes a handful of tunes you can Songify, with more available to purchase. No matter how you say it, Songify is just the type of app for which smartphones were made. (Free)

For the music fan that takes themselves seriously, there’s The free Android app lets you show off your song picks with collaborative rooms for virtual listening parties. You can host a room to play song after song, and others can jump in to DJ. Take turns playing a song, and if someone’s pick doesn’t go well, you can kick them out of your room. Users can contribute as DJs or just listen in, along with live chat to help you discover new music and bob your head to a globally-curated playlist.

Someecards ($0.99)

You know someecards from their witty website, where they revolutionized e-greetings with sharp humor and simple artwork. Now the fun has gone mobile, with the ability to view and send cards for any occasion. There’s a live updating widget of the newest card designs that lives on your home screen, and the option to save your favorite cards. The greetings are updated regularly, so you’ll always be able to brighten someone’s day (even your own) with a new card. There’s a free version to try also.

ShoeBox (Free)

Why add a retro effect to a mobile photo when you can have the real thing? ShoeBox acts as a mobile scanner to digitize old printed photos to be preserved and shared. Designed for the very purpose of digitally preserving old photos, ShoeBox auto-detects photo edges and flattens the image to adjust for the camera’s tilt. That way, your photo looks like it’s supposed to, instead of looking like a photo of a photo. ShoeBox is also an organization tool where you can add captions and tags. Photos can be saved in a private folder or a publicly-accessed collection. You can also share your photos across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networks.

Savored (Free)

Every side of the luxury lifestyle seems to have a discount option these days, and dining out is no exception. With Savored, you get up to 40 percent off your tab at hundreds of restaurants across the country. As an exclusive partner of OpenTable and ZAGAT, Savored works kind of like Priceline, helping restaurants fill tables by offering massive discounts to dine at a specific time. Just choose when and where you want to eat and Savored gives you a list of matching restaurants with discounted deals. You can make your reservation directly from the app, filter your search based on location and read restaurant reviews before you make a decision.

Pair (Free)

Some couples tend to live in their own little world, and new app, Pair, reinforces that. Designed as a messaging app for you and your significant other, Pair creates a timeline for the little things in life. Post a lovey video message or a photo for their eyes only. With Pair you can also chat in real time, share sketches and your location. There’s even a feature called ThumbKiss, that shows where your partner is touching their screen so you can touch in the same spot, making both phones vibrate simultaneously. On the pragmatic side, you can use Pair to set anniversary or birthday reminders, and share a to-do list.

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