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Fresh Android Apps for May 17: Evernote update, Ultimate Mission2, Spirit of Wandering

by Ian Black

Loving the cloud storage services? Then you’ll want to take a look at the latest update to Evernote.

In games, check the alien gun fighting of Ultimate Mission2 –HD and the I Spy-like Spirit of Wandering.

Evernote update (Free)

This major 4.0 update to the Evernote app focuses on usability. As a reminder, Evernote lets you write a note and have it synced to the cloud so that it shows up on every screen that can access the Internet, including your Android device.

This update delivers a brand new user interface that lets you quickly and easily create notes right from the app’s home screen. There's a new note list that combines private and shared notes and folders which makes it easier to browse and read your notes. You’ll also find new context Action Bars that show what you can do with your notes, and new swipe features to add tags and location info.

Ultimate Mission2 –HD (Free)

Alien adventures can be deep and foreboding like Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus movie, or just a big ol’ shoot-em-up like this game.

Angry aliens have invaded the Earth. It’s all up to the main He-Man character of this app to save the day – and the world. Fortunately, he sports a rocket pack and a whole arsenal of weapons including a machine gun, rifle, pistol, a laser gun and a nuke. But, he’ll need them all because the boss of this edition is the mother of all aliens.

This version also supports tablets.

Spirit of Wandering (Free)

I sense a little inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean. This app proclaims itself a “romantic adventure” hidden object game.

A sea battle has left the crew of the ship The Spirit of Wandering trapped in a spirit world. The ship’s swashbuckling captain, Jack, has become separated from the love of his life and he must follow the clues to remove the curse on his ship and find the woman of his dreams.

Puzzle your way through six beautiful settings with over 24 locations and more than 450 objects to spot. Avast, ye maties!

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