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Fresh Android Apps for May 15: GameStop Mobile, Absolute Mayhem, Civilization War

by Ian Black

The top of today’s fresh list empowers your home game console. GameStop drops a new Android app for customers with a lot of cool features for them. Read more about it below.

In games, clean up after a teen house party in Absolute Mayhem and plot to conquer the world in Civilization War.

GameStop Mobile Android (Free)

GameStop, the popular video game retail chain, says they've listened closely to customers before launching this Android app. Feedback drove key features like the ability to score GameStop power-up rewards points just for checking-in at a store location through the app.

You can also redeem your points for in-store coupons, digital downloads, and have the ability to purchase games. Or, browse the latest new game info for your console, complete with user reviews and star ratings.

For sell-out games, check whether a copy is available in your local store before you go. And, while in store, scan a product bar code from the app to learn more about the game.

Absolute Mayhem (Free)

This feels like a good setup for a game. You play a teenager that hosted a non-authorized house party in your parent’s home while they were away. At the start of the game, the house looks trashed and your parents will arrive home soon.

Clean the house, one room at a time, by tapping on misplaced objects or trash and dragging them to their proper places. Move quickly ‘cause there’s a time limit. Clicking on stuff that might distract the teen – like the TV – and you’ll slow him down and lose points. Clean as quickly and quietly as you can for most efficiency and as you move to other rooms you’ll encounter several interesting puzzles to clean, er solve.

Finish before the parents arrive home or the teen gets grounded.

Civilization War (Free)

Think there could be a better society if you were in charge? Boom... you’re in charge! Begin your civilization in ancient times in regions of the world that will become America, China, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, India and Japan. Your military might will win the day, so build a base and grow your ground, sea, and ultimately air forces to dominate other groups.

Read the in-game news chat to keep up with current events in this massively multiplayer online experience, then create allies by chatting them up and together plot battles to conquer new parts of the globe. If your civilization survives the world at war, you can play all the way up to the modern era.

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