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Fresh Android Apps for May 14:, Machinarium, Lunar Racer

by Ian Black

Hope every mom had a happy Mother’s Day! For those that received a new Android device, here are some fresh apps to download. jumps into the fray of music services with a new spin. It lets you perform as a DJ for a roomful of listeners who will rate your tune choices. Read more about it below.

In games, check out the sci-fi puzzler called Machinarium and the out-of-this-world driving game called Lunar Racer. (Free)

Let’s get this party started! Carry a DJ club scene around in your pocket with this app on your Android device. It’s a social music application that hosts rooms where anyone with the app can become a DJ and serve up music for the enjoyment of others.

Create your own playlists for those listening in your room. If listeners vote your songs as awesome, you’ll receive points that you can use to personalize your DJ avatar. But if enough club-goers vote your song as lame, it will be skipped and another DJ will take over.

Chat with listeners in your room in real-time just like you would in a club. Users say this music service is a different and fun way to discover new artists.

Machinarium ($3.99)

Award-winning art and puzzles by an independent developer? Say no more! Embark on an adventure in a steam punk world called Machinarium where a smart little robot named Josef must make his way out of a scrap heap and back into the robot city to save his robot girlfriend.

Designed for tablets with 1024x600 or better resolution screens, those with large screen Android phones say the touch zones seem a little too small. The depiction of the bleak worn city – ruled by the Black Cap Brotherhood robots – looks striking. And the puzzles, challenges and mini-games that Josef must overcome before he finds his metal girl will boggle your little human mind.

Lunar Racer (Free)

Our astronauts returned from the moon mission with some constructive criticism of the Lunar Rover – they said it should go faster and come with a turbo-charger for racing!

Customize your moon racer with different body and canopy styles, wheels, colors, and turbo-booster rockets. Then, enter the circuit of 16 different moon races on the moons of planets in our solar system. Drive like heck and let the ramps and micro-gravity send your car flipping and flying in order to snatch power-up coins floating in space. Enemy cars will try to slow you down, so be smart and fire the turbo-charger whenever it’s fully charged.

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