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Fresh Android Apps for May 11: Color Splash FX, Parking Challenge 3D, Librarian Challenge

by Ian Black

Take a picture of your smiling face because you’ve made it to the end of the work week. Then, use the fresh Color Splash FX to make that photo a bright and shiny masterpiece.

Today’s games come full of challenges. Download Parking Challenge 3D Lite for a city driving adventure and Librarian Challenge to try getting overloaded with overdue books.

Color Splash FX (Free)

Turn your photographs into stunning color paintings. This app converts your images – in the gallery or newly captured with your Android’s camera – into black and white as a starting point. Then it provides a color palette and your finger becomes the brush.

Paint in broad strokes or choose a fine brush and magnifier tool to zoom in and add color detail. The app performs in either landscape or portrait modes and you can publish your finished artwork to Facebook and other social outlets.

The app includes a gallery of dramatically “color splashed” samples to inspire you.

Parking Challenge 3D Lite (Free)

Cities generally suffer from a lack of parking spaces so it’s nice when a car can deliver some spots free of charge like this one.

It sounds easy. You’re presented with an open parking space and you just have to get your high-end sports cars, luxury sedan, or full-size bus into the spot without suffering any damage to your vehicle, which means no bumping other parked vehicles, no scraping the curb with your tires, no fender benders with other cars in traffic, and so on.

Touchscreen controls provide steering controls, accelerator and brake pedals. You’ve got 12 levels to get through and if you’re really skilled you can challenge yourself with a 4x4 jeep in an off-road parking puzzle.

Librarian Challenge (Free)

Librarians get no respect. There’s more to the job than shushing noisy people all day. You also have to deal with all those pesky books!

Step into one prim librarian’s proper shoes in this fun, balancing act. Help the book lady carry a stack around the library. Your skills actually come into play as the game uses your Android’s accelerometer to balance the books in her hands.

The more books you successfully deliver to the shelves, the higher the stack will grow in the next level. Best of luck, and please be quiet!

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