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Fresh Android Apps for May 8: BugMe! Stickies Pro, Youda Survivor, Finger Versus Knife

by Ian Black

Memorial Day arrives faster than you think at the end of this month. Do some prep work in advance with some fresh Android apps. Take notes of where to go and what to bring with BugMe! Stickies Pro, learn how to survive in case you get stranded using Youda Survivor, and protect your fingers from your own stupidity by downloading Fingers Versus Knife.

BugMe! Stickies Pro ($0.99)

Compulsive note-writers rejoice! Reclaim the real estate on the top of your desk or the front of your refrigerator by downloading this app.

It lets you create virtual Post It-style notes in a flash that you can use to replace the paper ones that clutter your environment. Use your finger as the colored pen or type your note with your Android keyboard, then customize the look of the note further with stamps, drawings and background photos from your device’s gallery.

One-up the paper version of your notes with built-in alarms and the ability to surface the notes on your Android’s home screen in widget form.

Youda Survivor (Free)

This app’s name comes from a Bronx twist on the phrase “you’re the survivor” and indeed, you are, as you find yourself shipwrecked on a mysterious island that hosts a strange tribe of natives.

In full Dances With Wolves mode, you will help the natives fight off the menacing pirates that aim to steal their treasures. In return, the natives will show you how to make magic potions to control the weather and communicate with animals.

Learn and experience enough on your island adventure and you may figure out how to get back home. Along the way, you’ll encounter 80 levels, 11 exotic animals, starvation and over-exposure to the elements.

Fingers Versus Knife (Free)

Think of this app as a preventative health aid. It seems the popularity of the ancient drinking game (because only drunk people play it) where you quickly stab a knife between the fingers of your own hand splayed out on a table has come gushing back. In fact, it was most recently dramatized in the The Hangover Part II.

Here the player stabs the knife with their finger on the touch screen through the real fingers (not graphics) of someone’s hand displayed on your Android device. Miss and, oh well, the app may also help you determine if you become nauseous at the sight of blood.

Pull out your Android and this app the next time someone plans to do something stupid with cutlery in your local bar.

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