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Fresh Android Apps for May 7: Alarm Clock Ultra Free, PicFrame, PhotoCircle, iStunt 2

by Ian Black

Life coach Ian here with another heads-up for this year’s upcoming Mother’s Day. Set an early wake up call with Alarm Clock Ultra Free and then capture and share some photos of you and your family out with mom using PicFrame and PhotoCircle. In fresh Android games, check out iStunt 2.

Alarm Clock Ultra Free (Free)

We all use our smartphones as clocks, so much so that the watch industry suffers from a lack of sales. Download this app to turbo-charge your phone-based clock with special features that your watch and bedside clock never had.

This app features a stopwatch and count-down timer for sports; a cooking timer with pre-set cook times and boiling instructions; a quick sleep timer for one-touch 15, 30, 60 minute or 2 hour power naps; and social network and weather headline updates which roll across the top of the display.

Possibly the best feature? Puzzles you need to solve before you dismiss an alarm to make sure you’re awake.

PicFrame ($0.99)

Love multi-image picture frames? This app lets you build your own. Choose from a wide selection of frame that host between three and five images, then start editing. You can alter the color of the frame, change the width and size, and adjust whether the corners are rounded or sharp.

Select photos from your gallery to fill the frame. Pitch to zoom or move left, right, up and down to crop the image within the frame. Other controls let you tweak the picture’s saturation, brightness, contrast or rotate it. When finished, share your new frame out to your social networks or save it to your Android’s gallery.

PhotoCircle ($0.99)

Ease of use will drive this app’s success. Sure, there are lots of options to store and share photos out there, but do any make it easier than this app? I doubt it.

Create a new PhotoCircle with a couple of taps then name it. Whether you’re holding a birthday party, family gathering or holiday outing, you’ll want all your friends and family with you at the event  to contribute photos to the pool. Others can join just by bringing their phones close to yours and pressing the button when it appears. How simple can it get?

The app’s descriptions says it works on Android and iOS phones and that others who aren’t close by can also be included through a text messaging-based sign-up.

iStunt 2 (Free)

Winter is over but we can still daydream about carving turns in snow. This game takes that fantasy to the extreme with thrill-a-minute rides you’ve never imagined.

Take on unbelievably steep slopes, chasm-like drops, and turbo-charging speed bumps – but that’s just the beginning. Just when you thought you had things in control come shifts in gravity, buzz saws and many other over-the-top obstacles.

Tour through 81 levels of deadly rides then share your slope domination out over OpenFeint.

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