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Fresh Android Apps for May 4: CNNGo, Woodebox Puzzle, JAZZ: Trump’s Journey

by Ian Black

See the world from the comfort of your Android phone with the fresh CNNGo. If you’re out in the world, you’ll find the app useful as well as informative.

In games, go retro with Woodebox Puzzle FREE and be cool with JAZZ: Trump’s Journey.

CNNGo (Free)

Go out and travel! Sure, CNN already provides news for international destinations but this app repackages U.S. and foreign news and adds new content to suit the needs of the traveler.

Primarily focused on Asia, Australia, and Europe, this app lays out local news, image galleries, and “how to” video information for cultural and historic sights. If you’re traveling with others or staying in touch with friends back home, you can share stories you find over email, Facebook and Twitter.

Making news of your own? Send in an iReport photo or video right from your Android device.

Woodebox Puzzle FREE (Free)

Wooden puzzles still deliver simple fun and challenges that frantic video games can’t. This game recreates the old time pleasures of pastimes like Tangram, Pentomino, Unblock Me, and Crossfingers.

You must move “wood” block pieces through a maze-like puzzle and re-arrange them into the proper shape. The puzzles start easy to get you going but progress into seriously hard brainteasers.

This free version includes 81 levels and includes ads. A paid version removes the ad banners.

JAZZ: Trump’s Journey (Free)

I applaud the idea that spawned this app. The developers created an entertaining and engaging way to teach people about the life of one of America’s greatest jazz legends. The Trump main character of this game lives a life that bears a striking resemblance to that of Louis Armstrong.

Help Trump play his trumpet, leg it around New Orleans in the 1920s, find the woman of his dreams, get a band together, and fight for the birth of jazz. There’s beautiful music and also running, jumping and fighting.

You’ll encounter stylized graphics, oodles of danger, a lot you didn’t know about Louis Armstrong, and a trumpet that can stop time.

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