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Fresh Android Apps for May 3: The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII, Paper Camera update, Light Robot, Push-Cars

by Ian Black

Strap yourself down! The promotion machine for upcoming movie The Avengers just hit the turbo boost switch. Read about the new tie-in interactive comic, The Avengers – Iron Man Mark VII, below.

Ponder the upgrade to the photo app Paper Camera, check out the free educational game Light Robot, and then play Push-Cars for a little politi-car correctness.

The Avengers – Iron Man Mark VII (Free)

How does Iron Man upgrade his armor? With your help. Go interactive with this digital comic that explains why Iron Man had to upgrade his armor six times in the past and assist in inspiring him to upgrade a seventh time to address the challenge facing The Avengers in the new Marvel film.

Browse the 15 pages of brand new comic content from Marvel creators, listen to the soundtrack from the Iron Man I and II movies, and interact with panes that let you tilt, touch and drag to help Tony Stark solve puzzles.

Young readers will enjoy listening to the narration in “Read To Me” mode or “Read Myself” which lets you tap individual words for assistance.

Paper Camera update ($1.99)

Photo apps that haven’t been sold for a billion dollars (like Instagram) still need to crank out new features in fresh releases. Here’s the latest update for the clever Paper Camera app that filters your photos with extreme cartoon and sketch-style effects.

With this 3.0 version, you can now use the front-facing camera (in addition to the one on the back). Pick “Switch Cameras” on the app’s menu to choose your lens. You’ll also find improvements on the filters named Acquarello, Old Printer, and Halfton and a new Control Freak element that lets you go hands-on with some of the template effects.

This update makes sharing over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube easier and permits opening via third-party apps.

Light Robot (Free)

Can a game teach you how to program a computer? Try Light Robot to find out. Here’s the setup: a lone robot must light up all the blue tiles in a factory (represented by stacks of cubes and floor squares) but he doesn’t know what to do or how to do it.

Build algorithms that guide the robot by dragging and dropping commands – for jump, turn right, turn left, move forward and so on – onto a grid. Players will learn the value of creating subroutines that can be re-used in other commands.

Try it yourself to learn what the rave reviews are all about.

Push-Cars (Free)

Bad gas car! No fuel for you! Sparky and his electric car friends need to get out of the city to head to the National Parks for some fresh air. Unfortunately, Hannibal and his dirty gas car buds stand in the way and may crash into Sparky’s gang before they leave town.

Use your finger to position cars to make their escape. Different cars feature different characteristics. Once you’ve set things up, press the play button to see which cars make it out and which crash. You’ll find levels based on the streets of seven real U.S. cities.

A driving soundtrack will keep your eyes on the streets, and social network connections let you share your road-trip with friends.

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