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Fresh Android Apps for May 2: Notifier Pro, Run Run Bear (Doomsday), Oven Break

by Ian Black

Don’t miss that urgent text because you’re playing a game! Get a clue with the notification turbo-charger called NotifierPro.

For fun, try two run-for-your-life games Run run bear (Doomsday) and Oven Break.

NotifierPro (Free)

Android’s notification system works pretty well. Incoming texts, for example, get briefly displayed at the top of the screen and can be accessed easily by tapping or swiping down. However, if you’re in a full-screened app, like a game, you won’t see the message.

This app provides the overlay capability to show incoming notifications even if you’re playing a game or any other type of app. A settings section lets you choose what apps or services you want to allow notifications from. When a notification comes in, you can either swipe it right to ignore it or swipe it left to ignore it and automatically ignore any other notifications coming from that source.

Run run bear (Doomsday) (Free)

In case you’ve forgotten, the Mayan end-of-the-world prediction for 2012 still hangs in the air. The bear main character of this game knows the score. He plans to pack his sack with as many honeycombs as possible then book it to catch a ride on Noah’s Ark before it’s all over.

Bad times have already begun, as the bear must battle raging storms, howling winds, dark nights and freezing temperatures on this trek. Two critters – a big honey bee and a rabbit – will try to keep the bear from his appointed rounds, the bee with his stinger and the rabbit with his bottomless holes. Fortunately, power-ups like jet packs and the ability to ride other animals, let bear hoe on down the road.

Oven Break (Free)

You’ve heard of a jailbreak, well, for the Gingerbread man, that’s the same thing as an “oven break”. In fact, if the Gingerbread man stays in the oven, it’s a death sentence, so he is running for his life.

Use the friendly controls to help the cookie jump over sharp objects or slide under obstacles. His candy cane will act as a hook to swing from Christmas wreaths and low-hanging fruit. Jellybeans become bonus points and he’ll receive a jumbo bonus for spelling “freedom” from the alphabet candies.

Practice up before the main event in Gingerbread training sessions, then set the difficulty level to soft or crunchy!

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