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Fresh Android Apps for May 1: Zillow Rentals, BitStories, Last War

by Ian Black

It’s your life, so choose where you want to live (Zillow Rentals – Houses & Apts), record your stories (BitStories), and fight to death for freedom (Last War).

Zillow Rentals – Houses & Apts (Free)

News reports say the rental market keeps booming. Those on either side of the market (renter or landlord) should find this app useful.

Landlords will enjoy seeing competitive rates for rentals nearby, and renters will enjoy the customizable help in finding appealing houses or apartments. Like the home buyer version of Zillow, this app allows you to confine your search to specific areas. This version lets you choose your own neighborhoods to search on a map.

The list of features go on and on: create a list of favorite rentals, track who you’ve contacted, compare two rental options side-by-side, use the Zestimates feature to get average rents for the areas you’ve selected.

BitStories (Free)

Want a fast and easy way to share bits of your life? No, it’s not Facebook. This app lets you edit and post photos, capture and share audio, tag your posts with locations, and group and categorize posts with types.

If this life capture tool has an edge, it might be ease of use. Grabbing images and audio and annotating with text is all a breeze. After capturing, you can decide what to share and what to keep private.

Invite your friends into the service and try something new.

Last War (Free)

Re-live WWII in all its struggle and glory. Choose your country – whether its one of the Allied Forces or one of the Axis Powers – and fight through the war from that perspective. You play a military general, like the famous General George Patton in the U.S., and based on your career and your battle success, you’ll either re-record the history textbooks on the subject, or change the history we all know.

Winning battles unlocks special powers and treasure. Social networking and communication tools let you share strategies and tactics with other players. Just like the real war, you’ll need to form alliances to join forces and win.

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