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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 30: Friday’s, Snapfish, The Island: Castaway

by Ian Black

Hungry? Check out what’s on the menu at T.G.I Friday’s with their new app Friday’s in today’s fresh list.

Also on the list: Snapfish drops a new Android app from their photo service and The Island: Castaway delivers a mystery wrapped in a deserted island.

Friday’s (Free)

Thank goodness it’s Monday! Now, Mondays will seem like Fridays with the new Friday’s app and the corresponding T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant chain.

Like other restaurant apps, you can browse the latest promotions and menu items, search for local chain stores and get directions to navigate there. In this app, you can also browse through the entire food and drink menus. But, what really stands out is the ability to create and pay a tab right through the app. The app adds a standard tip but you can adjust it up or down based you the service you receive.

Go out and leave your wallet at home.

Snapfish (Free)

Snapfish fans rejoice! This Android app lets you gain access to your Snapfish account while out and about.

As a reminder, Snapfish allows you upload, browse, and share photos in cloud storage. You can do all of those things through the app as well including sending invitations out to let others view your photo albums.

One of the best parts of the service lets you create and customize photo books, greeting cards, mugs and other stuff with your pictures. And, yes, you can also personalize stuff in this app too.

The Island: Castaway (Free)

Shades of Lost, anyone? You and a few others have survived the sinking of a cruise ship by staying adrift long enough to reach a mysterious island. Learn the basics of survival to obtain food and shelter and get the energy to complete quests and translate ancient writings.

Explore 12 different island locations, interact with 14 unique characters, strive to complete over 200 quests, and ride the many twists and turns of the game’s story.

Gather tools and gear, gain experience, and keep healthy in order to find out what’s really going on.

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