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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 26: LimoTab, Minecraft update, Birdman Rally, Zombies Wave

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh app includes a ticket to ride with LimoTab – Airport Greeter Sign. From there, it’s games aplenty with an update to Minecraft – Pocket Edition, the high-flying Birdman Rally, and the creepy Zombies Wave.

LimoTab – Airport Greeter Sign (Free)

No, this app isn’t for everyone, but for those in the limousine business, this fresh app delivers. You know those paper signs used in every airport in the world on which drivers write the name of the person they are picking up? This app aims to replace those tree killers.

Just enter the name of the person and include the logo of your limo company for special advertising opportunities with the passers-by. The app even includes a QR code that people nearby can scan with their smartphone to browse your company’s website.

Here’s to the ingenuity of app developers.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition update ($6.99)

Minecraft fanatics – you know who you are – brace yourself for a major update to the Pocket Edition’s Android app. It seems the original version only let you perform the “mine” part of the game, but now you can experience the full joy of “mine” + “craft”. Use the new “Craft UI” to forge tools, armor and other stuff from materials you find while exploring Minecraft worlds.

But wait! There’s more. Just when you thought you couldn’t build a farm, the upgrade delivers cows and chickens. Items can now also be “damaged” and you can remove items from your inventory, instead of just storing everything away like a pack rat.

Birdman Rally (Free)

The Birdman was born free and he has the right to fly free! Dress the Birdman up in crazy costumes – lion, Viking, scuba diver, and so on – then start customizing the plane. Your goal is to make the plane stay aloft as long as you possibly can, which means you will have to cleverly choose the proper accessories that include different prows and tails, skis, shields, wings and much more.

Bonus points get awarded for the number of birds you capture during your flight, so you’ll also want to check out the lasers, rockets and catapults to help with that. Want wacky? Browse the options for balloons, submarines and blue whales and read about how to use them in the hints section.

The farther you fly the more money you earn and the more levels you unlock.

Zombies Wave (Free)

This is everyone’s nightmare. You’re trapped in your house during a zombie invasion. You don’t have any real weapons, only household items that you can drag and throw at the zombies (helpful hint: the longer you drag something, the further you can throw it). Grab anything you can get your hands on including toys, the refrigerator, perhaps even the kitchen sink.

Be strategic to stay alive as long as you can. Take out the zombies armed with guns first as they will be the most dangerous and watch out for flying zombies who can sneak past if you aren’t looking.

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