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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 25: Google Drive, Basketball Shootout (3D), Bird Jump

by Ian Black

Google would prefer you keep your files and multimedia “in the family” rather than send it off to other cloud storage like Dropbox or Evernote. Their new storage offering is called Google Drive.

In games, try Basketball Shootout (3D) for some mobile madness and Bird Jump for catching some air.

Google Drive (Free)

More storage anyone? Cloud storage options keep arriving every couple of weeks and this week, Google steps in with a re-imagining and renaming of Google Docs into Google Drive.

All the doc creation and editing remains, but now Google makes it easy to store any kind of file or multimedia and access across all your web connected devices and computers. As before, you can collaborate with others in editing documents and files. Google suggests sending a link to a large video file in Google Drive rather than trying to send the file in email.

5GB of storage costs you nothing but 25GB comes at $2.50 a month.

Basketball Shootout (3D) (Free)

Like having an arcade basketball game right on your Android device. Fling basketballs with your finger at the hoop, and then do it again, and again and again, quickly!

The better you shoot, the more backgrounds and customizations you get to unlock. Power-ups bring special powers and, just like in the arcade, each basket earns you tickets that you can use to score prizes.

Tutorials show you how to play and a practice session lets you put your game face on before the countdown timer starts.

Bird Jump (Free)

What goes up must…. oh never mind! Angry Birds spawned a thousand copycat physics games, but in this case, the bird copies the original jump-master: Doodle Jump.

The bird star of this jumping game wants to fly high but instead of using his wings, he’ll bounce upward on platforms as you tilt your Android device right and left to plant his feet properly.

Just like other such games platforms sometimes slide out of the way or sport dangerous obstacles that will knock the bird out of the sky. Fortunately, the bird can land on a power-up that will puff him up with super leg strength or protect him from disaster.

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