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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 19: Pocket, Next Issue, Granniac

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh Android apps list is all about reading. With Pocket, you can save items for reading later, Next Issue gives you a new magazine stand on your tablet, and Granniac shows you why you should always read the fine print.

Pocket –formerly Read It Later update (Free)

The app formerly known as Read It Later has made a few changes – including the app’s name. Now known as Pocket, the app has redesigned and simplified the way in which you save links, articles, videos and other artifacts you find on the web, for reading later.

A new content filter lets you quickly switch between different types of artifacts. And a new interface makes it easier to tag, archive or delete things you save. Even though the name has changed, you can still log-in with your old username and password.

Next Issue (Free)

Love magazines? You’ll want to check out this tablet app. The new Next Issue app and service delivers top-tier magazines (like Time, New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly and so on) in a digital newsstand to your Android. Through it, you can purchase both single issue and monthly subscriptions just as you are familiar with in print, but this app also provides a new way to read – unlimited monthly subscriptions – that let you read everything in the service’s store.

Better still, you can try before you buy with a 30-day free trial of the business’ unlimited plan. Check out the reader and the content yourself to decide if it’s worth the monthly price.

Granniac (Free)

Don’t discriminate based on age! Even grannies can be superheroes. The main character of this physics game went to a research institute to volunteer in a study trying to find a cure for senility. The study didn’t go so well, because Granny woke up one morning and found she had super-powers.

Control Granny as she flies, jumps, attacks and rides a series of villains. Unfortunately, Granny has lost of few of her marbles and she believes that cats and clocks are the bad guys. Nobody’s perfect, but you can still play for high scores in this wacky adventure.

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