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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 18: SnapNPlay Demo, TWC TV update, GeoDoodle

by Ian Black

Let your Android blow your mind once more by downloading the cool demo of SnapNPlay, which translates sheet music into tunes.

Add another screen to your Time Warner Cable subscription home with TWC TV and, for fun and learning, try GeoDoodle.

SnapNPlay Demo (Free)

Just when you thought your Android device couldn’t surprise you anymore. Download this free demonstration of cool technology for a laugh, and student musicians will also appreciate the app as a very useful tool.

The app lets you snap a picture of sheet music – any sheet music – and it will play it over your device. You must know enough to input the proper key and you’ll have to hold the device very steady and straight for the app to properly read the music, but with those caveats you can just “snap” and “play” sheet music as the app’s title suggests. The app allows you to speed up or slow down the playback if you’re trying to learn.

Don’t expect it to play an entire symphony, this proof of concept only reads one line of music at a time.

TWC TV update (Free)

Time Warner Cable subscribers rejoice! Now you can stop envying your Comcast subscribing relatives and friends. This fresh app update lets you watch “selected” TWC channels (like Bravo, Food Network, and CNBC) over a 4.0 version tablet or phone.

It’s packed with features including the ability to browse and search the TV listings for Time Warner, program your DVR to record shows, use your device as a remote control to your cable box for switching channels. You’ll need a standard or better subscriber package and Wi-Fi.

GeoDoodle (Free)

Help your kids grow their brains over the summer by downloading some educational games on your Android. This one focuses on countries, their capitals and the names of rivers in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

It uses the “doodle” style that I personally love and looks like hand-printed questions on college-ruled notebook paper. Train in practice sessions before testing yourself for a score. Vibrations let you know if you’ve guessed wrong, and if you’re happy with your test score, you can share it over Facebook.

Guess the capitals of countries or the country when given the capital. More subjects coming soon!

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