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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 17: iMEDII24, Crazy Driver Android HD, Building Tower

by Ian Black

Tax day has arrived! If you’re feeling light-headed, download iMED24.

When it’s time to de-stress, play Crazy Driver Android HD and Building Tower.

iMEDI24 (Free)

Need help quickly? This app could be a lifesaver. If you get into an accident, have an attack, find yourself in a fire or a thousand other emergencies, just press the big red button on this app’s home screen.

The app will instantly call emergency services in your county and your personalized next-of-kin will be sent a text message alerting them to your emergency with your location information. The iMEDI24 service will send your phone a text that includes your medical information in order to inform first responders in case you can’t.

Note: you must first register with the service before you can use it. If you want to try it out, use the Emergency Test Button to see what happens without actually notifying emergency services.

Crazy Driver Android HD (Free)

There’s nothing like the open road to make you feel alive. You may not always be able to get behind the wheel whenever you’d like, but this app can help. Your mission: drive as fast as you can and collect all the colorful diamonds littered around the road.

Other cars will try to stop you and judging the lanes correctly while your pedal remains pushed to the metal will be challenging, but topping the global leaderboard will be worth it. Expect high definition graphics, frantic gaming, an endless gameplay mode and more.

Building Tower (Free)

In Building Tower, you’ll need to build a skyscraper floor by floor and the trick will be to set each block down in the right place at the right time when it comes swinging in on a crane. Tap the screen to release the block and set it in place. If the building falls you lose.

You’ll find two challenging construction modes. A Quick Game lets you build a single tower with stats on the current height and population of your skyscraper. The Build City mode allows you to construct an entire cityscape, when your city’s population reaches the proper level, you will unlock additional building types.