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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 16: IncStage Presenter, Radiant Defense, Death Rally

by Ian Black

Tomorrow marks the deadline for filing tax returns in the U.S. Get it done early today if you haven’t yet filed, so that you can enjoy some fresh Android apps with a clear conscious.

IncStage Presenter Lite provides the tools and templates for tablet-based presentation creation. And, for fun, try Radiant Defense for colorful warfare and Death Rally Free for raucous rally road racing.

IncStage Presenter Lite (Free)

Want a touch-ready tool for making business presentations or family albums on your Android tablet or phone? You found it.

Like PC-based presentation software, this app comes with templates and tools to make it easy to record your images, videos and text for others. Simply touch and tap to fill in a title, then whip up the following slides by embedding and resizing images and video clips or typing text in a variety of fonts and colors.

You can import slides in PowerPoint or PDF formats and export as JPEG, PDF, and PowerPoint as well.

Radiant Defense (Free)

Play with light! This game delivers tower defense in a screen saturated with color. Here you build your own maze, creating the twists and turns that will confound your enemy invaders and slow them down long enough for your strategic weapon placements to blow them away.

Then, purchase and plant your light canons along the route. Like other TD games, each canon cost money and your budget depends on how many aliens you vanquished in the last round. You can upgrade during a wave if you need to, so keep some cash in reserve. The real special sauce comes when the towers fire cones, beams and machine-gun pulses of beautiful light at the aliens and the bulging blobs of the big bosses. It’s a kaleidoscope of killer fun.

Death Rally Free (Free)

You may have seen this concept in summer blockbuster B-movies but now you can live it on your suped-up Android device. This rally race has no rules because “no trick is too dirty” for the drivers in this free-for-all.

Select your racecar, then customize it with a variety of over-the-top weapons including Gatling guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, explosive bumpers and the ability to drop mines. Take your place in the starting gates and drive like your life depended on it, ‘cause in this game it does.

The graphics of the dirt- and chaos-filled tracks look impressive. Expect multiplayer mayhem.

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