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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 11: Tumblr update, XLR8, Battle Squadron ONE

by Ian Black

Get more social by trying the latest update to the microblogging app, Tumblr. Then, turn your hybrid into a roadster with XLR8. And finally, have some old-school fun blasting in Battle Squadron ONE.

Tumblr update (Free)

Feel the need to microblog? This update to Tumblr’s official Android app brings much that’s new. First, you’ll encounter a brand new user interface and better photo browsing. Next, check out the snappy loading of dashboards and blogs. A new notification screen provides views of multiple blogs all in one area. And, Tumblr Radar provides curated cool posts from the active user community.

For the uninitiated, Tumblr facilitates easy posting of text, quotes, pictures, links, video and chat to multiple places with only a few clicks. With this free update, you might want to give it a try.

XLR8 ($0.99)

Funny and fun! Say you own an electric car or hybrid that makes almost no sound when you accelerate from a dead stop. Liven up your quiet commute or just make your friends laugh by downloading XLR8. It leverages your Android’s sensor to produce the revving engine noises of classic cars and even includes the sounds of shifting gears. It blasts out realistic sounds as you speed up, slow down and turn corners.

Choose from a V8 muscle car, a NASCAR racer, a Ford GT40, a Ferrari or Lamborghini. With Bluetooth or a cable it will pipe out to your car’s audio system for maximum volume.

Battle Squadron ONE ($3.90)

Here’s a retro shoot ‘em up game designed for two players using an Android tablet. The backstory: Earth is at war with the aliens called the Barrax Empire and now two human commanders have been kidnapped by a Barrax Nova Cruiser and deposited back on their alien planet.

Play with or against someone on either side of a tablet. Your space battleship will autofire as you maneuver it left, right, up and down your side of the screen in an effort to destroy the Barrax world and rescue your kidnapped buddies.

The game features 1980’s arcade action but takes advantage of the high-tech in your tablet.