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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 9: At the Ballpark, Bomberman vs Zombies, Pop Smoke

by Ian Black

Baseball season has begun! Watching a game on TV delivers a good time, but getting out to the stadium can’t be beaten. Before a road trip, download At the Ballpark for detailed ballpark info and deals.

In games, check out Bomberman vs Zombies Free for frantic maze action, and Pop Smoke for a military take on tower defense. At the Ballpark (Free)

One of the best parts of watching a Major League Baseball game remains visiting the places where all the action takes place – the ballparks. This fresh app from provides insider information to “just plain folks” including an interactive map of the ballpark, check-in and rewards opportunities, the chance to buy tickets, directions to the park and parking information, and social networking with other fans.

Hungry? Use the in-app food ordering, currently available in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston and Miami. More mobile food ordering at other parks is coming soon, say the developers.

Bomberman vs Zombies Free (Free)

Here are your challenges – the world has been invaded by zombies and you’re trapped in a maze. There is some good news: you’re a demolitions expert and you’ve got a vast supply of bombs!

The bomberman has five lives total. To advance from one level to the next, you either need to blow up all the zombies, or find the box that contains the exit door key and make it to the door before the zombies eat your brains. Zombies come in three varieties – slow pokes, speed demons and zombies that can teleport from one place to another. You may also encounter coffins, bats and skulls, all trying to slow you down and end your game.

Pop Smoke ($1.76)

Tower Defense-genre innovation continues! In this fresh twist, your landscape isn’t a fantasy or sci-fi world and your weapons aren’t weird laser canons. This game focuses on a realistic military combat with a recognizable arsenal.

View battle scenes from above, complete with buildings, streets, trees, ponds, grass and more. Like other TD games, you need to strategically place “towers” to fight off the enemy, in this case that’s tanks, helicopters and even snipers.

Steel yourself for 95 waves of enemies across three different levels. The game autosaves after each wave so you never have to start over too far back. Requires Adobe AIR.

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