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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 5: Marvel AR, Google Play Books update, Celestial Defense

by Ian Black

Strap yourself down! With today’s fresh Marvel AR app, your digital comic experience just got a lot more 3-D.

For a new Android e-book look and feel, try the Google Play Book update and to save humankind, download Celestial Defense.

Marvel AR (Free)

You’ve heard of the digital comics revolution but this app kicks it up a notch. The “AR” of the app’s title stands for “augmented reality”. Download the app on your Android, look for special AR symbols on or in Marvel products (read: comic books), then scan it with your device, and watch it “come to life”.

For comics, the app provides a whole new perspective on the art because it delivers 3-D comic book panels, character bios, short videos, creator commentaries, and access to behind-the-scenes scripts. Imagine your favorite superheroes standing around in your living room. Avengers Assemble!

Google Play Books update (Free)

Google is always so ahead on cool technology that it’s kinda funny to see them try to come from behind. This update aims to make the Google Books app more competitive against the leaders of e-book apps and services, namely Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Nobles’ Nook.

This update delivers a new UI for Android devices running versions 2.2 and 2.3 of the operating system, offline searching within a book, a 3-D animation for page turns, and the ability to place a shortcut to an individual book on your homescreen so that you can jump right back to the book and page you were reading without first launching the Books app.

Celestial Defense ($0.99)

What if your tower defense fantasy were made real? In this game, your goal is to protect a human colony residing on a distant asteroid from an alien invasion. To win you’ll need to strategically select, place and upgrade tower weapons to fight off the enemy. The element that makes the scenario feel real comes in the form of the cool 3-D graphics that show the asteroid, your weapons and the alien bugs attacking the human base.

Defend your way through 25 levels, against seven different types of enemies, in an app that works on phones or tablets.

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