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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 4: Instagram, Farm Invasion USA, 21 Ice Clues

by Ian Black

Say “hi” to Instagram in today’s app list. It’s a long-awaited photo-sharing app that’s fun and fresh and now available in the Google Play Store.

In games, check out Farm Invasion USA and 21 Ice Clues.

Instagram (Free)

Instagram’s reputation precedes it. The app scored a certified hit on iOS and has finally arrived on Android after months of anticipation. What is it? It’s a social network for pictures, including yours, those of your friends and everyone else’s as well.

Snap a few pix, add some cool filters provided by the app, then share them in your Instagram photo stream. Others can like and comment on your pictures and follow your Instagram channel. And, you can do all the same back to them. You can also publish your work out to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare (with Flickr coming soon, say the creators). Smile! You’re on Instagram.

Farm Invasion USA (Free)

HandyGames has delivered a thrilling but unauthorized sequel to FarmVille. Imagine the beautiful farm that you’ve spent months, if not years, creating suddenly invaded by deadly green aliens. Well, just like the resourceful old-timer of this game, you would probably fire up the tractor and start mowing ‘em down.

This tractor features serious weapons and you can upgrade the vehicle with more as you earn points for taking down the invaders. Collect “redneck” and alien bonuses that power a frantic turbo-charge mode. And, multitask by harvesting the crops as you run the aliens over.

21 Ice Clues (Free)

Here’s a fresh new twist on word scrambles. You’ll receive a clue similar to a crossword puzzle and see a set of two and three letter groupings in “ice cube” blocks. You must figure out the word and then “build” it by tapping the letter blocks in the correct order. It’s a great way to test your vocabulary and word search skills.

Each puzzle set, and there are many, contains twelve puzzles and each puzzle contains 21 clues. It’s free to try so you can see for yourself why it gets rave reviews.