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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 2: Alarm Clock by doubleTwist, Dungeon Hunter 3, Gravity Defied Free

by Ian Black

It’s a new month with new opportunities. Get a jump on your day with the fresh app Alarm Clock by doubleTwist.

Because we can never have too much fun, try Dungeon Hunter 3 or Gravity Defied Free. And, this is no April Fool’s trick.

Alarm Clock by doubleTwist ($0.99)

My Android acts as my alarm clock and, after trying out this app, my alarm clock might be ready for an upgrade. First, this new alarm app looks beautiful and features both analog and digital clock modes. Second, it comes with “sleep cycle technology” which allows you to choose an optimal time to wake based on your sleep habits.

Pick an alarm tone from the app or choose to be roused with a song from your playlist. Either way, the app will start with soft tones and raise the volume the longer you snooze.

Dungeon Hunter 3 (Free)

Ready for a fight? This third installment of the popular role-playing action game delivers 16 different arenas where you can rise to warrior stardom, or die bravely in the dust and dirt. Personalize your characters in ways the previous versions did not allow, including four new classes – Shaman, Trickster, Warlord and Astromancer – and the ability to choose your soldier’s gender.

The land of Gothicus features four worlds, 1,000 unlockable items, and amazing 3-D gaming effects.

Gravity Defied Free (Free)

Sure you’ve seen gravity-based vehicle games, but this one still looks fun. Your controls let you position the motorcycle rider up, down, forward or backward, and you’ll need to set the rider just right to make it over the chasms, hills, drops and other obstacles on the courses you face, and then quickly adjust for the next challenge.

If you wreck the motorcycle before you reach the flag at the end of a stage, it’s game over. But, there’s also a timer ticking to urge you on to faster speeds. Oh the drama!